The Night We Wed!

That incredible day, June 26, 1981, I left the church as Mrs. Rodney Alan Phillips! blog wedding picI had longed for the night of becoming Mr. & Mrs. and now it was a reality. We deviated from our plans for a few moments and drove into the bay of a car wash in Kinder, Louisiana. Someone had celebrated all over the car with cans of shaving cream. Pulling out of the car wash, the muffler and the pavement met and from that moment on destroyed a quiet ride. Unfortunately, we had miles and miles to go to get to Alabama! But not tonight! With great care, my new, young husband had reserved a room for us at the Holiday Inn in Baton Rouge. As we sped away from the carwash we also realized, regrettably, while others enjoyed the finger food, cakes, and punch at our marriage ceremony, we had not! Since we were starving to death, we were not particular in the least, and drove up to the Sonic in Eunice. The amusing part of this honeymoon saga is that we ordered burgers which came infested with onions! However, it didn’t seem to spoil our honeymoon night, the utter exhaustion of the day would win out.

How we choose to view what transpires on a day-to-day basis produces thorns or blooms. Genesis 40:10 – “. . . its blossoms came out . . .”

Proverbs says it well: “As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects man.” [27:19]

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