Day Twenty

Day 20 No sugar or dairy The last two days I haven’t given much thought to missing out on sugar or dairy. The grandson has been sick! He’s approaching 21 months of age and this is his first “real” sickness. Yesterday’s doctor’s visit was pretty awful. I’m sure he will remember I’m the one who … Continue reading Day Twenty

Day Nineteen

Day 19 No sugar or dairy I press on . . . Those three words are packed with suggestive implication: To not give up or give in, To push through, To keep on keeping on. This was the Apostle Paul’s motto, “I press on,” (Philippians 3:14). I would love to say it’s mine as well. … Continue reading Day Nineteen

Day Twelve, (a daily reminder)

Day 12 No sugar or dairy I’m a planner! Before I go grocery shopping, I like to plan a-weeks-worth of menus. I have even “tried-out” the monthly preparation. But I have never anticipated planning and shopping day by day. While wondering through the wilderness, the Israelites were instructed to shop daily. The Lord provided but … Continue reading Day Twelve, (a daily reminder)