Bread & Quackers

Bringing the grandson to feed the ducks at the park is never without hilarity! The storming breeds waddle over to check out what’s on the menu. I slide him down to face the entourage, placing him on the ground in front of me. I cautiously hand him a hamburger bun to distribute. Sadly, as soon … Continue reading Bread & Quackers

A Horn of Plenty

“Hallelujah! Yes, Praise the Lord! How good it is to sing his praises! How delightful, and how right! Sing out your thanks to him” (Psalm 147:1 & 7, TLB). Thanksgiving celebrations are needed! Hearts of gratitude are necessary! Singing isn’t optional! But what if you struggle with giving praise to God and singing out your … Continue reading A Horn of Plenty

A Chariot Waiting for Me!

Layers of pine straw blanket the ground at the back lawn. The squirrels quickly scurry about, getting their nest ready for winter. Leaves dance across from the neighbor’s grove of trees. Where’s the rake? On second thought, the sound of leaves crunching beneath my feet is music to my ears. Moreover, wood needs to be … Continue reading A Chariot Waiting for Me!