“God is good; all the time God is good.” My body braced each time the congregation erupted with this exhortation. Yet, I would robotically join in, even though I didn’t fully believe what I was saying. The worst part, I was a pastor’s wife! The Sunday comments by a group of deacons concerning the church … Continue reading Agathos

My Badge of Honor

I’m a drool-wearing Gram! My sleeves and jeans absorb it quite courageously. It’s flung from here to there, walking in it is highly probable. For the most part, it’s not mine! When the grandson’s 2-year-old molars decided to irrupt, they came in with a vengeance producing slobber, fever, snot and crankiness. I have found it … Continue reading My Badge of Honor

I Can’t Do It~It Can’t Be Done (Part 1)

“I can’t do it!” I find myself saying "I can’t do it" every year when it’s time to decorate for Christmas. And then there's the taking down that seems so monumental. How can I have so many decorations? And then I go into de-cluttering mode which makes it feel even more massive. Then there’s - … Continue reading I Can’t Do It~It Can’t Be Done (Part 1)