I don’t know about you but for me it doesn’t take much for my focus to shift, and before you know it, I’m plummeting. The Bible reveals Satan as a roaring lion seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). I love looking up word synonyms and when I looked up devour I happened across two … Continue reading “MEOW”


Celebrating Life (Ending no dairy, no sugar fast)

I’m very thankful for friends and family sending out such sweet birthday greetings, not to mention a wonderful husband that makes sure I have a very special day! I’ve had a blast getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, a glazed & a pumpkin-filled croissant from Burney’s Sweets & More besides eating part of my … Continue reading Celebrating Life (Ending no dairy, no sugar fast)

My 28th Birthday Gift!

Many jump right in to marriage and having babies with childlike naivete. Now within a day of turning 56 years of age, I’m confronted with the depth of immaturity that was my reality especially regarding having babies. My thoughts were continually about myself. Having a third baby was something I wanted! I was thankful for … Continue reading My 28th Birthday Gift!

“Every BODY Matters” (Extended week of no dairy no sugar)

My blog posts entitled, “Person-Driven Life” & “What’s All the Fuss?”, of my “no diary, no sugar fast” for the month of September, brings into perspective the “why” behind the denial of these tasty food groups. Can you call sweets a food group? Clearly, it was added to my pyramid long ago! Since I decided … Continue reading “Every BODY Matters” (Extended week of no dairy no sugar)

Impatience (Extended week of no dairy, no sugar)

These are not my words; I have rearranged a bit and added my own commentary: "I don't like to have to repeat myself. I tend to want the people (for me it's my husband, and my children when they were small) around me to understand quickly." (Apparently, the author has been spying on me.) (So,) … Continue reading Impatience (Extended week of no dairy, no sugar)