Tea, anyone? Thanks to the church lady who handed me a tea bag this past Sunday! It gave me the “lift” I needed! On Sundays, while “Greeting” the flock as they arrive amidst the hurly-burly of finding their places, we sometimes get people’s opinions, and sometimes we might get their attitudes, and yes, sometimes we … Continue reading HEAVYWEIGHT

No Time Like The Present

Did you notice I ended 2018 with an over the top NAMED post? “AN APPARENT SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION IN PERCEIVED SOUND’ in ~ real time”. Yes, maybe a bit excessive but I was trying to arouse interest and cause some valuing of the “time” we have on this earth with a right perspective. In keeping with … Continue reading No Time Like The Present


It was a grand start to my MLK Day! As I gazed out my back window yesterday morning, the sun was launching its spectacular beams which would dance across my backyard. Then walking out my bedroom door, I was struck with surprise! Through my front window, the moon was glaring at me in all its … Continue reading MLK