The “Scarlett” Letter, Part 2

I got the guy, even after that “Scarlett letter” was delivered. I would love to share that we lived happily ever after, but (there is that dreaded word; if you missed it see The “Scarlett” Letter, part 1) that would be ginormously stretching the truth! The truth is “Happily-ever-after” was not the outcome of my … Continue reading The “Scarlett” Letter, Part 2

The “Scarlett” Letter, Part 1

On October 28, 1980, I received the letter. It was folded several times and pinned to the bulletin board hanging outside my dorm room. I quickly noticed it had been written at 3 in the morning because not only was the date scribbled down but also the time of writing. The writer actually jotted out … Continue reading The “Scarlett” Letter, Part 1

Proverbs 21: Never Underestimate the Power . . .

Working through Proverbs has produced a growing passion to live rightly in the teaching and execution of God’s Word. I see anew where I didn’t have victory in the past and what I long to achieve in the future. But there is also an agonizing aspect to the years that are lost and what wasn’t … Continue reading Proverbs 21: Never Underestimate the Power . . .

Proverbs 20: Don’t Ruin their Lives

Have you shared an elevator with the undisciplined child? Or flown on a plane with said child? In my last post, I highlighted Proverbs 19:18 from the New Living Translation: “Discipline your children while there is hope. Otherwise you will ruin their lives.” Chapter 20 continues by shedding light on how one can ruin your … Continue reading Proverbs 20: Don’t Ruin their Lives

Proverbs 19: And The Sonogram belongs to . . .

During the month of May while blogging through the book of Proverbs I found it necessary to take a break. I was given the opportunity to keep two of our foster grandchildren for several days. After the experience of hosting these little ones, I’ve developed a deeper passion and attentiveness to the astute instructions that … Continue reading Proverbs 19: And The Sonogram belongs to . . .