A True Guarantee

What have you done that guarantees your entrance into heaven? Many people feel they deserve heaven. Many are working hard to get their foot in the door. Many are following faulty advice. Many have the eyes of their heart blinded by God’s enemy, the devil. Many think it really doesn’t matter where they end up; … Continue reading A True Guarantee

Paralyzed or Prolific

I’ve had to overcome unhealthy patterns, yet some I still struggle in my flesh to stop from reoccurring. One unhealthy habit was that of holding my breath. I learned from a doctor that my breathing was fitful, holding my breath in stressful situations had become the norm. He “awarded” me with a pamphlet and cassette … Continue reading Paralyzed or Prolific

Speeding down the thoroughfare of a New Year!

How does a new year affect you? Are you one of “those” revving your engine ready to speed down the thoroughfare? Or, maybe you are one of “those” still looking for the keys. However you steer into a New Year, it’s certain that nothing is certain. You can’t always plan for what’s around the corner. … Continue reading Speeding down the thoroughfare of a New Year!