5 Year Anniversary: Episode 3

Episode #3  As I locked the library door and turned off the lights, I felt a sense of accomplishment. Being the librarian on Tuesday and Thursday evenings has some epic perks. The feeling of success when someone has forgotten their password and are unable to log in on the library computer, LIBRARIAN TO THE RESCUE! … Continue reading 5 Year Anniversary: Episode 3

5 Year Anniversary: Episode 2

So, the CCBS student who works in the Library on Monday evenings was missing last night! I am the humble, meek, and mild librarian for Tuesday and Thursday nights, but on Monday nights, I have a death-defying class – Genesis! Yet, I strolled into the library last night on a quest to share a bit … Continue reading 5 Year Anniversary: Episode 2

Saved from what? You may ask.

In beautiful San Antonio, Texas, my Great-Auntie and her husband, while out hunting for a new residence, strolled along a busy thoroughfare lined with charming walkways. My great-uncle, who had recently retired, was looking forward to spending his retirement years with his lovely bride of many years. They were looking to downsize and thus, were … Continue reading Saved from what? You may ask.