This guy rocks my world!

Another birthday! Updated August 24, 2020

the scarlett road

Hunky husband

This guy literally rocked my world from the very moment I saw him! And when I say rocked I don’t mean put me to sleep; He sent me soaring! I was charmed by the smile and the caring demeanor. He effectuated a kindness that I had never seen in action. He seemed to be the Prince Charming I had been dreaming of all of my life. [Okay, I was 18, not a very long life.] However, once we said “I do,” I realized he had not read up on any of the romance novels that I had digested as a teen. There was no doubt he was genuine, kindhearted, and a very patient guy but prince charming had “missed the boat” and didn’t know how to “charm”! Funny how it seems he did when we were dating, Ha! But it wasn’t JUST him!!

We BOTH discovered some very broken elements…

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The Arrogance of It All!

I’m pretty good at reading people and situations. I believe these factors have contributed to my ability to size up situations and individuals rather quickly: Growing up in a small town, being treated unfairly at times, serving as a pastor’s wife for over 25 years, working with children since about 10 years of age, and … Continue reading The Arrogance of It All!