5 Year Anniversary: Episode 11

Episode #11 The spring quarter leaps into action with one of the most exciting nights in the CCBS library. I’m your humble, meek, and mild librarian who heroically tackles whatever comes through the door.  However, when it is a husband and wife confronting one another over which one should have been responsible to register them … Continue reading 5 Year Anniversary: Episode 11

5 Year Anniversary: Episode 8

Episode #8 So, the Bureau of Labor Statistics gives the following summary on their website as to “What Librarians do”: “Librarians help people find information and conduct research for personal and professional use. Their job duties may change based on the type of library they work in, such as public, school, and medical libraries.”  On … Continue reading 5 Year Anniversary: Episode 8

5 Year Anniversary: Episode 7

Episode #7 So last Thursday evening’s participation in the Library was packed with high-spirited merriment! Yes, I know! Libraries are designed to be quiet places of reading, taking test, working on assignments, as well as a place where you can THINK WITHOUT NOISE. Being the “extra-ordinary” librarian that I am (for Tuesday and Thursday evenings), … Continue reading 5 Year Anniversary: Episode 7

5 Year Anniversary: Episode 6

Episode #6 You may be short of stature and not very prominent, but never underestimate what can be done when you just make yourself available. As I rolled up my sleeves to begin my exhausting work as the “Chief Librarian” (on Thursday nights), students were abuzz around me, trying to finish up their assignments for … Continue reading 5 Year Anniversary: Episode 6

5 Year Anniversary: Episode 5

Episode #5 As the librarian for Tuesday and Thursday evenings, I sit surrounded by books. Books of doctrine, languages, culture, social sciences, apologetics, eschatology, and on and on the topics go. And then there are history books: Church History, American History, World History – a vast amount of individual lives is recorded in those volumes. … Continue reading 5 Year Anniversary: Episode 5