Where Do We Turn?

We’ve been dealt a hard blow. Life has changed and it may never, ever be the same. Through a pandemic that includes a cancer journey with my sister-in-law, through loss of jobs or finances for different family members and friends, through loss of caring for grandkids (like my sister is experiencing), or having to turn … Continue reading Where Do We Turn?

Changing Our World!

In 2009, a week after surgery, I returned to the hospital with a fever and vomiting. I was too sick to care if I lived or died. After putting dye through my veins and finding infection throughout my stomach, I was given two potent drugs. Unfortunately, these drugs caused side-effects which had me calling for … Continue reading Changing Our World!

Checked In!

We were all checked in, flights approved, just 24 hours until time to board the plane. But now another failed attempt! Another disappointment! The Coronavirus interrupted our plans! It was apparent the trip would have to be cancelled (like at Thanksgiving time) but this time because of a world-wide virus. At the time we were … Continue reading Checked In!