His Desire for Me

So much of our transitory life is lived in limbo, isn’t it?! Like when you are waiting nine months for a baby to be born and not to mention twenty-seven hours of labor to meet that new baby, like my youngest daughter just pulled off; and quite amazingly I might add! And almost as bad, … Continue reading His Desire for Me

Last Christmas

Last Christmas was agonizing as we stood by my brother’s wife encountering her last days on this earth! Enduring a hospital stay over Christmas, her cancer journey was soon coming to an end. She was able to see this year (2021) come into being and 24 days later, graduated to her eternal reward. It has … Continue reading Last Christmas

Scarecrows In A Cucumber Field

One of my biggest loves about autumn are the pumpkins and scarecrows. I have a passion for pursuing new and personality-ladened ones to add to my collection, or just to admire. Hence, my wonderful husband tolerates this adventure because he knows I will eventually make his favorite autumn dessert: No-bake pumpkin pie. But it makes … Continue reading Scarecrows In A Cucumber Field