I have a friend who lights up a room with her smile. You are drawn to her because of the joy-filled beam that glows from her face. Remarkably, while speaking with her, it never leaves. And yet, she could share with you some awful life experiences that make you wonder how she could possibly be … Continue reading B-E-A-M


International Women’s Day!

Yesterday was International Women’s Day! Did you shout your womanhood? I think the greatest appointment is being a woman and should be taken very seriously! As a wife and mother, we’ve been given a tremendous assignment as the helper & supporter of our husbands and the teacher & discipler of our children while building a … Continue reading International Women’s Day!


Tea, anyone? Thanks to the church lady who handed me a tea bag this past Sunday! It gave me the “lift” I needed! On Sundays, while “Greeting” the flock as they arrive amidst the hurly-burly of finding their places, we sometimes get people’s opinions, and sometimes we might get their attitudes, and yes, sometimes we … Continue reading HEAVYWEIGHT