Scarecrows In A Cucumber Field

One of my biggest loves about autumn are the pumpkins and scarecrows. I have a passion for pursuing new and personality-ladened ones to add to my collection, or just to admire. Hence, my wonderful husband tolerates this adventure because he knows I will eventually make his favorite autumn dessert: No-bake pumpkin pie. But it makes … Continue reading Scarecrows In A Cucumber Field

Morning has broken!

Morning has broken like the first morningBlackbird has spoken like the first birdPraise for the singing, praise for the morningPraise for them springing fresh from the worldSweet the rains new fall, sunlit from HeavenLike the first dewfall on the first grassPraise for the sweetness of the wet gardenSprung in completeness where His feet passMine is … Continue reading Morning has broken!


As I read, write, and post, as I go about my day-to-day chores and responsibilities, my eyes are relied upon heavily! But now with an additional intrusion of a stenciled floater across my left eye, I’m once again driven to see an ophthalmologist, this time in North Carolina 👍🏼 Honestly, it’s nerve racking to always … Continue reading Eyes


We all can use support from time to time. So dig down deep to find faithful ones to walk this journey with BEFORE you need help! If you’re choosing a spouse, make sure they know how to keep a grip. If you’re choosing friends, make sure when life seems to be sliding out from under … Continue reading Support

Music is not in Externals, but the Soul

Those of you who follow my blog know my favorite devotional is probably my Streams in the Desert 1. No matter how many times I read the stories, they still move me to tears. And one of my favorite accounts is about the great violinist, Paganini.             He came out before his audience one day and … Continue reading Music is not in Externals, but the Soul


After hearing and reading much on Juicing, I wanted to do something different for my fifth “no dairy, no sugar” fast. My sweet, generous hubby let me investigate, and along with the help of my eldest daughter, I found the ideal juicer. I need to divulge; I’ve become a little obsessed. I love juicing, not … Continue reading Masterpiece

Last Lap!

In my little hometown of Reeves, growing up with basketball as the favored sport was inevitable. And getting to play basketball was an honor. Anyone who has played a sport knows the conditioning it takes to get into shape to play in the game. Without a doubt, some of the greatest words you could ever … Continue reading Last Lap!

Two Things

So much can be learned from God’s creation, and especially the animal world. For instance, there are two times a deer develops an insatiable thirst for water—when fleeing from danger and when withstanding an opponent in combat. Similarly, we are to develop a spiritual thirst for God’s Word by fleeing from youthful lust and resisting … Continue reading Two Things