C2C, Part 12: Abraham & Isaac

In the time of the Tower of Babel, people demonstrated their proneness to wander because pride and rebellion ruled the throne of their hearts. Satan’s plan of deception in the Garden of Eden was successful and will continue to be until the Trumpet sounds (1 Thess. 4). That is why even today many still worship … Continue reading C2C, Part 12: Abraham & Isaac

Linger Much?

I cried: “take this from me, Lord, I cannot bear it any longer!” In my mind, I needed closure, an end. I had grown weary from being weary. I did not want to have to cope with it or even pray through it, any longer. The Lord had become my Shepherd many years earlier, the … Continue reading Linger Much?

The Rib

I was fed up! As we sat before the counselor, I poured out what I had stored up, “Surely I’m not responsible for him. I do not have to be his helper, right? He needs to put out the effort, doesn’t he?!” And as the counselor reaffirmed my line of reasoning, I knew in my … Continue reading The Rib

Called to Development or Diminution?

Have you ever been labeled with a derogatory name that you just cannot seem to get out from under? Maybe you were branded as a child and were repeatedly called stupid, crazy, fat, ugly or some other belittling adjective. Many children are made to feel they cannot do anything right and we wonder why they … Continue reading Called to Development or Diminution?

A Favored Spot

A favored spot is sitting in my backyard in the early afternoon shade of the pines while marveling with admiration at the beauty around me. A Calibrachoa plant that survived the winter is dazzling me with her Candy Shop Fancy Berry brilliance. My new Purslane plants never disappoint, besides many others, and not the least … Continue reading A Favored Spot

The Platform: This Little Light of Mine!

As a little girl, I remember my maternal grandfather going outside to light a cigarette. In those days, it was common to hear strangers ask one another for a light. I myself prefer to have a light, but not that type! Feeling quite uncomfortable with the dark, a night light was required as a little … Continue reading The Platform: This Little Light of Mine!


I love to hear the waves and watch the foamy currents race across the shoreline! Going to the beach is an exhilarating experience. Especially exhilarating is to try and walk through the crashing waves while being knocked off my feet. Sometimes I giggle so hard it makes it impossible to stand back up. This reminds … Continue reading Slammed!