The Best Gift!

Growing up with siblings who would not believe His story until after the resurrection, He Chose to Love! Preaching to men and women who would turn their back on Him, He chose to love! Discipling a group of misfits who constantly misspoke, He chose to love! Calling as one of “The Twelve,” “the One” who … Continue reading The Best Gift!

A Christmas Grandmother!

Previously written in 2017 when we just had one grandchild. Since that time God has blessed us with more. We are so thankful for how He has chosen to add to our growing family not only through the birthing process but also adoption and fostering. And now we wait in anticipation for the seventh’s birth next month!

the scarlett road


Since becoming totally immersed into grand-parenting, I have wondered about a character from Bible days who is not mentioned or named. No limelight or recognition of a life lived with fanfare. No books embellished with her grand-parenting skills. But this woman has grown in great respect in my mind. I wonder what she was like. Did she beam with pride when she learned her daughter had been chosen to carry the Messiah in her womb? Did she beam with pride knowing she would be the Lord of the Universe’s grandmother? Did she beam with pride that the King of King’s would sit at her table? Or, did she feel the sting of friends and family turning their backs? Did she feel the weight of gossiping lips that targeted her pregnant unwed daughter? Did she feel the ostracism of those who failed to believe? Did she herself struggle to believe? I…

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