A Hurricane, a Hornet, and a Horrifying Wreck

Thinking back over the start of this month, we were feverishly preparing for a trip to Colorado Springs. The first several days of the trip was a planned visit with our son and daughter-in-law, spending the time getting to know our granddaughter. It was my second time to visit with our sweet little princess, who … Continue reading A Hurricane, a Hornet, and a Horrifying Wreck


Have you ever been asked a question but before you can adequately answer, the person asking the question thinks they know more about what you’re going to say than you do, or they totally disagree with the beginning of your story and you are never able to make it to the end? I can’t tell … Continue reading Buttonholed

An Anniversary of Hard Places!

Fourteen years ago, an avalanche brought what I call “despairing of life” years. There were freeing moments but for the most part this season of pain and despair lasted through several beleaguered years. Though you are a lowly worm . . . You will be a new threshing instrumentwith many sharp teeth (Isaiah 41:14-15a). While … Continue reading An Anniversary of Hard Places!

Tho I Walk Thru the Valley of the Shadow of Death!

Oh, how we love “good news!” while bad news just wreaks havoc within the depths of our souls! My adopted grandson celebrated his 3rd birthday, Monday, May 4th and that evening his mommy (my oldest daughter, Carlie) was near death.  One of the many frustrations that I’ve dealt with since becoming a mother (and still … Continue reading Tho I Walk Thru the Valley of the Shadow of Death!

National Day of Prayer!

We are offered Peace,          But we dwell in pandemonium!We are offered Contentment,          But we model through dissatisfaction!We are offered Cleansing,          But we prefer to “waller” around in our guilt!We are granted Victory,          But we survive in a state of defeat! Where do our minds roam through the day? And, where do we park our minds … Continue reading National Day of Prayer!

Saved from what? You may ask.

In beautiful San Antonio, Texas, my Great-Auntie and her husband, while out hunting for a new residence, strolled along a busy thoroughfare lined with charming walkways. My great-uncle, who had recently retired, was looking forward to spending his retirement years with his lovely bride of many years. They were looking to downsize and thus, were … Continue reading Saved from what? You may ask.