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In 1980, I left the tiny town of Reeves, Louisiana to attend a small Bible college in the massive city of Birmingham, Alabama. It was there I met a basketball playing senior, working nightshift security, from Peoria, Illinois, and who was very popular with the girls. I decided to enter the competition and found myself smitten. We married the following summer leaving Bible college behind. Thirty-two years later, after having raised 3 children and working alongside my husband as he pastored several churches, I returned to Bible college – a small, but thriving multi-ethnic school in Fayetteville, North Carolina. I had some impressive teachers, with the most respected being my husband who taught several of my classes as I FINALLY completed an associate degree in Bible.

While working on my associates, I was privileged to help in the College library. During that time, I found myself writing the chronicles of the librarian. I knew one day I wanted to write but never felt like it was the right time.

After graduating in 2014 with my associate degree, we were thrilled to learn that our oldest daughter was pregnant. Having been married since 2009, but unable to have a baby, she put us on cloud nine with the news: OUR FIRST GRANDCHILD was on the way! However, at approximately 7 ½ weeks into the pregnancy, our daughter was told there was no longer a heartbeat. On Halloween of that year, her baby left her body. We mourned suffering a great loss!

In the beginning of 2015, I visited several times with one of my impressive professors under whom I was so privileged to sit. His cancer journey was coming to an end. At the time I was also experiencing what I believed to be a pinched nerve. But because of the amount of pain, I missed his celebration of life service. After several steroid packs and no improvement, I decided to look for a doctor who could help. However, on April 2, 2015, a blow that halted everything! My brother called to tell me my dad unexpectantly died from an apparent heart attack! We left for Louisiana, and after my dad’s funeral, an MRI revealed my pain and severe limp in my left leg was from a herniated disc.

Recovery for the herniated disc would come through physical therapy. However, recovery from other losses: our first grandbaby, a wonderful professor, and my 74-year-old dad would come as I began the adventure of writing on The Scarlett Road: @thescarlettroad.com

Born a blue-eyed blond and named Scarlett Christine, I went by my middle name, for years. When my husband graduated with his doctorate in 2017, he requested I go by my first name. It seemed like a great idea especially a way I could honor the memory of my dad. Nevertheless, explanations have been needed quite often to clear up the misunderstanding that my husband is still married to me! 😉

Since my adventure with WordPress began in 2015, I have truly been on a road of recovery! Born in 1962, but born again some 7 years later, I am journeying the way of Christian from “The Pilgrim’s Progress” learning all my Heavenly Father wants to teach me through His Word and through His Son, and through His Spirit. Besides studying God’s Word and blogging, my husband is my priority – working alongside him for the Kingdom, but also high on that list of priorities are those precious grands the Lord has blessed me with. Then, I also love meeting new friends who encourage me to continue pressing on. If you have the slightest desire to learn more or just want to be an encouragement, I would love to hear about your journey and what motivates you!

“Your hands made me and fashioned me; Give me understanding so that I may learn Your commandments.”

Psalm 119:73, NASB

My heartthrob

My Family, February 2023

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