IS ABLE (Day 28)

So much to do, so little time! I am determined to do what is truly essential. Striving not to get caught up in that which is not productive for the Kingdom of God. Not wanting to waste my energy and time on the things that do not bring Him the greatest glory! Now to him … Continue reading IS ABLE (Day 28)

Not being Outwitted! (Day 22)

In yesterday’s post, Pushing My Panic Buttons, I shared how anxiety easily mounts into panic attacks if we are not on guard. We focused on 1 Peter 5:8 where the Apostle instructs us to be ALERT and “clear-headed.” If we are filled with anxious thoughts, fretting, worries of any kind, we will not be “clear-headed” … Continue reading Not being Outwitted! (Day 22)

Let us submit, no longer resisting! (Day 12)

Frequently, when hard times come, we instinctively raise a hand in protest. We can resist and fight. But what kind of attitude lingers? The lingering attitude of self-will usually drives us to despair! Have you considered the man God chose to bear the gospel message to the Gentiles? Once confronted by Jesus, Paul submitted, while … Continue reading Let us submit, no longer resisting! (Day 12)

Transplants & Transformation (Day 8)

Today is Transplant Day for my 23-year-old nephew, Dylan!  And Day 8 of my “No dairy, no sugar” fast! Spending time in God’s Word and praying with an extra zeal as we approach the celebration of Resurrection Sunday next month, continues to be transformable. Our human nature can cause us to question how God works … Continue reading Transplants & Transformation (Day 8)

Mastering the Practice of the Presence of God (Day 5)

In my last post we looked at God’s presence in our trial [God IS Present in the Trial (Day 4)] and reminded ourselves of Who He is and His indwelling presence as well as encircling presence to each of us. Returning to The Red Sea Rules, by Robert J. Morgan, four principles guide us in mastering … Continue reading Mastering the Practice of the Presence of God (Day 5)