Lost in Logic!

It truly makes no sense that we are coming up on a year since my nephew’s diagnosis of Leukemia. What’s more is that he has already been called to his eternal home (July 14, 2022) just 6 days before his 24th birthday. And add in the unbelievable aspect that his mom went to her eternal … Continue reading Lost in Logic!

The Pool of Bethesda

My hair is a matted, unkept mess and peering into the mirror is not for the faint of heart! I am trying to remember the last time I had a shower, or even a bath!  I am beginning to feel like the lame man at the pool of Bethesda (John 5). Maybe a little exaggeration … Continue reading The Pool of Bethesda

Not being Outwitted! (Day 22)

In yesterday’s post, Pushing My Panic Buttons, I shared how anxiety easily mounts into panic attacks if we are not on guard. We focused on 1 Peter 5:8 where the Apostle instructs us to be ALERT and “clear-headed.” If we are filled with anxious thoughts, fretting, worries of any kind, we will not be “clear-headed” … Continue reading Not being Outwitted! (Day 22)

Let us submit, no longer resisting! (Day 12)

Frequently, when hard times come, we instinctively raise a hand in protest. We can resist and fight. But what kind of attitude lingers? The lingering attitude of self-will usually drives us to despair! Have you considered the man God chose to bear the gospel message to the Gentiles? Once confronted by Jesus, Paul submitted, while … Continue reading Let us submit, no longer resisting! (Day 12)