September Fast Finale

Throughout Scripture God allows challenges, setbacks, and negative scenarios because it’s against the backdrop of impossibilities that His beauty shines through. –Tony Evans, Pathways-Lessons from Esther, From Providence to Purpose And so, it is for us, in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles, God is waiting to display His glory! We are His sheep (John … Continue reading September Fast Finale

September Fast Done Purposefully

This month has been a purpose-filled journey! While fasting and spending time in prayer, I traveled through a portion of the life experiences of the Jews as many of them are captives in the Persian Empire. Along with the study book Pathways—Lessons from Esther, From Providence to Purpose by Tony Evans, I gained a greater … Continue reading September Fast Done Purposefully

Day Seventeen (September Fast, 2017)

Yesterday was 9-11 AND a Sunday as it was in 2017, my first year I began month long fastings from dairy and sugar. So, I decided to reblog my post from 2017 in memory of 9-11 and for a reminder of my first September fast!

The Scarlett Road

Day 17

No sugar or dairy

Here I go again marveling about the awesome ways MY God works the events of our lives. When we enjoy the people He puts in our paths it certainly can be a buffer for taking our focus from food cravings. If you read my “Day Three” post, you know that Sundays are my favorite day of the week, and why. This morning, our pastor was especially motivated with the prospect of our joint heir’s status with Jesus. And as he admitted, we can’t really fathom what all that entails, let alone completely grasp. But we should be living in such a way as to give all of earth a correct estimate of what’s to come!

I love belonging to a great place to worship! And it is always interesting whom you just might see. In our Adult Bible Fellowship (Sunday School for…

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A Boundary Setter (September Fast)

When encountering temptation or any difficult course, God’s Word equips me to wage war and bring down strongholds. Fasting has brought temptations and difficult courses not only to my door but as constant companions. So, a good plan for any day will always include setting boundaries. Start today envisioning your new role as a Boundary … Continue reading A Boundary Setter (September Fast)

September Fast & Battle-Weary Pilgrims

This Labor Day Weekend has been a blessed time of catching up with “old” friends as well as family. The middle of August, COVID prevented us from attending our grands adoption celebration, so we were excited to meet up with our older daughter’s family and celebrate some birthdays in addition.  For some time now we … Continue reading September Fast & Battle-Weary Pilgrims

Ending First Day of my September Fast, 2022!

What better way to open the door for greater joy and contentment than asking the Lord to open my eyes to what I am usually too busy to see: His providential hand in my life! Today, I had a different physical therapist who implemented a strategy that worked muscles I had not worked in a … Continue reading Ending First Day of my September Fast, 2022!