I Can’t Do It (Part 3)

How do “YOU” walk into a New Year, with thoughts of “I Can’t Do It” or “Ready, Set, Go Shine”? I believe we need to be equipped with a well charged battery pack. The first battery being the “One Day at a Time” amount, and the second, “Casting our Cares on Him” dimension. But we … Continue reading I Can’t Do It (Part 3)


I Can’t Do It (Part 2)

Whatever we feel we can’t do this year: a marriage, an illness, organizing the home, financial struggles, prodigal children, a job change, a move, a death, life without someone, finding joy in the journey; on and on the list can go, whatever it is that weighs our hearts down, God is all-powerful. He can lift … Continue reading I Can’t Do It (Part 2)