God asked me to carry something terrifyingly heavy. In fact, I would need the assistance of flight attendants, trained health care individuals, a whole flight of passengers, and a caring pilot! So much uncertainty rolled into 2+ hours, I immediately wondered why. After all, I was on my way to my hometown for the funeral … Continue reading Storms

When God’s Answer Hurts!

After the loss of a loved one, doing mundane things, like the wash, seems to be so robotic. Hanging clean laundry in my closet, I turned to leave when my 6-year-old grandson (who had followed me) asked what all those notes were on the wall of my closet. I gasped as soon as I noticed! … Continue reading When God’s Answer Hurts!

Transplants & Transformation (Day 8)

Today is Transplant Day for my 23-year-old nephew, Dylan!  And Day 8 of my “No dairy, no sugar” fast! Spending time in God’s Word and praying with an extra zeal as we approach the celebration of Resurrection Sunday next month, continues to be transformable. Our human nature can cause us to question how God works … Continue reading Transplants & Transformation (Day 8)