Celebratory Fast Ending!

Let me tell you about a gift I was given on Sunday, June 26, 2022! As my husband and I sat in our church service on our 41st Wedding Anniversary, and the day we were ending our Celebratory Fast, a woman from our choir stepped forward to sing special music. She ministered beautifully in a … Continue reading Celebratory Fast Ending!

Celebratory Fast “Take 4”

Being so different and incredibly young, we were both filled with stubborn pride. He found it hard to apologize while I was the one saying “sorry.” Yet, he forgave quickly, while I was the one holding a grudge. We were sputtering and spiraling, but God had other plans. The Bible says, “two are better than … Continue reading Celebratory Fast “Take 4”

The Rib

I was fed up! As we sat before the counselor, I poured out what I had stored up, “Surely I’m not responsible for him. I do not have to be his helper, right? He needs to put out the effort, doesn’t he?!” And as the counselor reaffirmed my line of reasoning, I knew in my … Continue reading The Rib


My freshman year of college was exciting and terrifying all at the same time. Many felt I swooped in and snatched up one of the nicest guys around, a senior to boot! Many felt the marriage was too quick and destined for failure. Granted, my fragile 18 years of life plus his phlegmatic 21 years … Continue reading 37 Years of “NOT THROWING IN THE TOWEL”!