Day Seventeen (September Fast, 2017)

Yesterday was 9-11 AND a Sunday as it was in 2017, my first year I began month long fastings from dairy and sugar. So, I decided to reblog my post from 2017 in memory of 9-11 and for a reminder of my first September fast!

The Scarlett Road

Day 17

No sugar or dairy

Here I go again marveling about the awesome ways MY God works the events of our lives. When we enjoy the people He puts in our paths it certainly can be a buffer for taking our focus from food cravings. If you read my “Day Three” post, you know that Sundays are my favorite day of the week, and why. This morning, our pastor was especially motivated with the prospect of our joint heir’s status with Jesus. And as he admitted, we can’t really fathom what all that entails, let alone completely grasp. But we should be living in such a way as to give all of earth a correct estimate of what’s to come!

I love belonging to a great place to worship! And it is always interesting whom you just might see. In our Adult Bible Fellowship (Sunday School for…

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Mask Free!

Early morning flight! So thankful, after flying numerous flights since 2020’s pandemic, I am mask free! “Let the whole world sing for joy, because you govern the nations with justice and guide the people of the whole world. May the nations praise you, O God. Yes, May all the nations praise you. Then the earth … Continue reading Mask Free!

A Pig’s Snout

As I focus on a “no dairy, no sugar” fast, (2022, my fifth year) I want to do it for all the right reasons.

The Scarlett Road

Every visit to the farm is an interesting spectacle to a pig’s life, not to mention, SMELL! And understanding Jewish law concerning pigs, paints a thought-provoking picture. Especially challenging is Proverbs 11:22:

“As a ring of gold in a swine’s snout So is a beautiful woman who lacks discretion”

Dan Phillips explains it this way:

The mental image is that of looking at a lovely, sparkling gold ring, admiring a twinkling in the sun—then seeing that it is in a pig’s snout. Wasted! Misplaced! Thus, Solomon says, is a lady with a beautiful outside and nothing going on inside.

Phillips translates “discretion” as “good taste.” …the ability to discern, to judge, to distinguish among “flavors” of good and evil, of wisdom and folly.

He goes on to say:

The picture is not simply of a pretty woman without a lot in the area of native IQ…. She is not simply…

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“If we could only look upon a difficult crisis as an occasion of bringing out, on our behalf, the sufficiency of divine grace, it would enable us to preserve the balance of our souls and to glorify God, even in the deepest waters.” –C. H. MACKINTOSH

The Scarlett Road

I love to hear the waves and watch the foamy currents race across the shoreline! I find going to the beach to be an exhilarating experience. Especially exhilarating is to try and walk through the crashing waves yet being knocked off your feet. And then, finding it impossible to stand back up because you cannot stop laughing.

This reminds me so much of real life when we lose our footing. And what is worse, being dragged further and further from the shoreline. Of course, when this happens, it is no laughing matter and panic mode (like the time my backside slid down our staircase!) sets in. Many times, I wonder, “will I ever stand again?” It seems like an impossibility!

Even more agonizing is the spiritual warfare that creeps in without any warning. Like a dark cloud that comes out of nowhere and will not leave. It can certainly send…

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What’s Your Love-Style?

Valentine’s Day gifts and cards have flooded the stores! But for many, this day of hearts and flowers, candy and love notes is a painful reminder of what they are missing out on! But as Christ-followers, we have something even better to offer.

The Scarlett Road

With Valentine’s Day approaching there are candy hearts, roses, chocolate and love notes in high demand! But let me offer a more satisfying Valentine gift that we can give one another. It is the gift of Unity and let me tell you why. We are so focused on ourselves and our own personal wants that we miss out on what really brings the greatest level of pleasure:

“Don’t be selfish; don’t try to impress others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourselves. Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.You must have the same attitude that Christ Jesus had.”

Philippians 2:3-5, NLT

Jesus Christ came and taught Unity for all Christ-followers. That bond of putting others needs ahead of our own, serving and not looking for reward, we all need unity that binds us together and causes us to work…

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The Physical Therapy (Training) Monster

I am learning (sometimes the hard way), we never stop training in this life, physically or spiritually! Help me, Lord, as I recommit to this transformation. I cry out to you! You alone are my strength and my shield!! My HELP comes from YOU!

The Scarlett Road

After being incapacitated for a period of time, we lose muscle tone. They say it happens rather quickly. Sadly, it is painless to lose it but very painful to build it. I am in training building muscle once again and gaining strength in my leg, not to mention my back. And of course the stabilizing factor to all of that, is the stomach muscles, our core. “Lord, this is too hard!” As I groan through these workouts, that I do not want to do, but am rather sternly encouraged to do by my dear husband, as well as my physical therapist, I hear Paul’s words “But I [discipline] my body and make it my slave . . . ” (1 Corinthians 9:27).

Which leads me to the monster of the mind! Yes, my mind has been undergoing training as well, and there is a reason I refer to it as…

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No Time Like The Present

Priorities and Time – a great time to prioritize: the beginning of a new year!

The Scarlett Road

“Time is the least thing we have of”

this quote by Ernest Hemingway caught my attention~ But thankfully, Charles Swindoll argues that we have more time than we realize “once we get our priority ducks in a row” (Day by Day with Charles Swindoll).

Joe Stowell outlines how we can “[Embrace] The Virtues of The King” by making this observation:

Embracing the reality of the world to come radically alters everything in this world. Our values are prioritized and purified. . . .

If anyone should express the reality of eternity, it’s those of us who have been guaranteed safe passage to the other side through Christ, our divine passport. Yet interestingly, we who are marked with heaven in our hearts usually live as though it were real but irrelevant. We are consumed with the tyranny of the temporal, and we trade both the character and power of a…

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Immanuel; It’s no accident: The Lord is with us!

Do you ever look back to remind yourself all that God has accomplished in your life? Christmas 2019-Rodney’s accident, Christmas 2020-Rodney had Covid, Christmas 2021 putting Rodney in a bubble suit!!!

The Scarlett Road

Eight days ago, an accident changed our plans! We planned to spend Christmas in Louisiana with my side of the family. We were due to leave 2 days after the accident occurred. Many things this year did not transpire as we had planned or even had hoped. Two of our children had surgery, unexpectedly. Our granddaughter, who was due to be born in the month of October, came in the early part of August. Our Thanksgiving Colorado trip for Rodney to meet our newest grand had to be postponed. Our oldest daughter and son-in-law became foster parents to a sibling group of 2 children with alarming trauma. Then, a little boy who was now eligible for adoption, arrived a month after the foster siblings. The adoption process was a very slow and painful procedure. My daughter and son-in-law now had two 1-year old’s and a 2-year old which was never…

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