The Roadmaster and His Roadmap!

I read online that water infiltration is the number one cause for potholes in asphalt. Much of “my Road” through life has been filled with damaged pavement, producing the largest, deepest sinkholes known to man. At times these sinkholes were engulfed with rainwater. Can you imagine journeying across the country hitting sinkhole after sinkhole? Exactly! … Continue reading The Roadmaster and His Roadmap!

An Attitude for Gratitude (Day 29)

“Thank you, Gram!” I cannot tell you how those 3 words melt my heart! But they surely do! A face lighting and heartwarming experience like none other for a grandmother. So just think how much our Creator loves to hear gratitude dispatched from our lips. Suppose someone had to tell by your face if you … Continue reading An Attitude for Gratitude (Day 29)

The Mind, the center of Life? (Day 20)

Day 20, “No dairy, No sugar fast”: Spring has sprung! What a beautiful breezy, Sunday! It is the first day of spring and another day of gathering to worship with the body of Christ! Today was a double blessing! After I finished greeting at the welcome desk at our place of worship, we hopped right … Continue reading The Mind, the center of Life? (Day 20)

We Are Afflicted (2 Corinthians 1)

WARNING: You will experience – a heavy load with loses accumulating while suffocation feels inevitable. Does that sound like something you would ask to experience? I am sure you are like me in that “Afflictions” would never be something we would ask God to send us. And yet, as a Christian, that “warning” label is … Continue reading We Are Afflicted (2 Corinthians 1)


As we toured Washington D.C. with all the rich history throughout, the Smithsonian Institute held a most captivating piece: the Hope Diamond. According to the Smithsonian Institute, the Hope Diamond is priceless because it is irreplaceable. Seven years ago, I began writing on the Scarlett Road recording accounts to let my “little” light shine. My … Continue reading PRICELESS! IRREPLACEABLE!

Tho I Walk Thru the Valley of the Shadow of Death!

Oh, how we love “good news!” while bad news just wreaks havoc within the depths of our souls! My adopted grandson celebrated his 3rd birthday, Monday, May 4th and that evening his mommy (my oldest daughter, Carlie) was near death.  One of the many frustrations that I’ve dealt with since becoming a mother (and still … Continue reading Tho I Walk Thru the Valley of the Shadow of Death!

Saved from what? You may ask.

In beautiful San Antonio, Texas, my Great-Auntie and her husband, while out hunting for a new residence, strolled along a busy thoroughfare lined with charming walkways. My great-uncle, who had recently retired, was looking forward to spending his retirement years with his lovely bride of many years. They were looking to downsize and thus, were … Continue reading Saved from what? You may ask.