Glaring at the calendar this morning, my mind struggled to fully comprehend that it would need to be flipped with the start of tomorrow. Has any year ever flown as fast? I find myself fumbling for the date so often. And yet, here we are at the precipice of the month of June. June means … Continue reading CAN IT REALLY BE?

A Driven Mind!

Have you ever just allowed your mind to wander? Well, in different ways, through different circumstances the Lord has impressed upon me, the dangers that lurk from an undisciplined mind. And since my last post, The Mind is a Battleground, I have been studying further passages on this very important topic. As I have mentioned … Continue reading A Driven Mind!

A weighty project is cleaning out flowerbeds!

A weighty project is cleaning out my flowerbeds! I have, twice now, made very poor decisions for what I sowed. Certainly, I have made many more than two, but this is concerning flowerbeds. One of my four big flowerbeds is a double-sided bed, covering a part of the front fence and continuing behind the fence. … Continue reading A weighty project is cleaning out flowerbeds!