The Advertising Campaign

“God is more interested in our holiness than in our comfort” –D.A. Carson. With all that’s transpiring in America, sin being brought to light, innocent lives being snuffed out, evil growing by leaps and bounds our heads are spinning, yet we scream for what makes us comfortable. Let me explain! Many of these evils have … Continue reading The Advertising Campaign


What’s Wrong With America?

Have you considered that the American Church contributes to America's problems? As a member of that Church, I’m not exempt from being part of the problem. But having served for many years as a pastor’s wife, I felt the paroxysm of wrath numerous times because different ones in the Church fought hard against the exercise … Continue reading What’s Wrong With America?


Tea, anyone? Thanks to the church lady who handed me a tea bag this past Sunday! It gave me the “lift” I needed! On Sundays, while “Greeting” the flock as they arrive amidst the hurly-burly of finding their places, we sometimes get people’s opinions, and sometimes we might get their attitudes, and yes, sometimes we … Continue reading HEAVYWEIGHT


It was a grand start to my MLK Day! As I gazed out my back window yesterday morning, the sun was launching its spectacular beams which would dance across my backyard. Then walking out my bedroom door, I was struck with surprise! Through my front window, the moon was glaring at me in all its … Continue reading MLK

“AN APPARENT SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION IN PERCEIVED SOUND” in ~ real time ~ for the New year: 2019

Have you seen a Hallmark movie where the leading character needs to gain a bit of perspective, so a messenger is sent to help him find his way, and with a blow to his head he finds himself in a new life? But time is running out; will he learn the lesson before it’s too … Continue reading “AN APPARENT SPATIAL DISTRIBUTION IN PERCEIVED SOUND” in ~ real time ~ for the New year: 2019