“The Life of Faith is the only one that will ____________.”

Each year, as I make this pledge for the month of September, to abstain from dairy and sugar, and allow God to have my cravings, I’m never disappointed. “And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever; that is the Spirit of truth, whom … Continue reading “The Life of Faith is the only one that will ____________.”


I Live For ___________

As I cruised down the highway listening to the radio, a song caught my attention, but not in the way you would expect, like what’s the title and who is singing. I missed all of that! What I did catch was the point of the song. Suddenly, my focus was sin’s dreadfulness. Immediately, I was … Continue reading I Live For ___________

SUNNI SKY’S [Proverbs 23]

Have you witnessed a fool reveal the sum of their understanding? Have you cheered as an exceptionally wise person met a foolish opponent with the wisdom of Solomon? Many today live out their limited-time-existence in the foolish restriction of their own reasoning. But a few wise individuals seek knowledge and grow in their understanding of … Continue reading SUNNI SKY’S [Proverbs 23]


October 1963 Since leaving for college the fall of 1980, I’ve lived away from my home town and family pretty much the whole time. My little brother was only 8 when I married. It is true living far away doesn’t allow you to process happenings as you would if you dealt with it on a … Continue reading ROXANNE