C2C, Part 15: Joseph: God is our Great Rescuer!

Many years later, Jacob returned to Canaan. Jacob had twelve sons. And God changed his name to Israel. The land of Canaan, the Promised Land, is still called by his name: Israel. Out of the twelve sons born to Jacob, he had a favorite! Joseph the favored son, which caused him to be hated by … Continue reading C2C, Part 15: Joseph: God is our Great Rescuer!

C2C, Part 14: Twins are born

God spared Isaac’s life. And He promised Abraham that through Isaac many descendants would be born, including the Deliverer. Isaac married Rebekah (Genesis 24). Rebekah was born in the land of Abraham, Isaac’s father, who had left to follow God’s command which led him to Canaan. Twin sons were born to Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis … Continue reading C2C, Part 14: Twins are born

C2C, Part 13: The Greatest Test

God’s promise to give Abraham a son was not forgotten, and Sarah gave birth to Isaac (Genesis 21). Abraham’s faith was rewarded. But even more important than Abraham’s faith is the faithful God in whom he trusted. “Now it came about after these things, that God tested Abraham . . .” (Genesis 22, NASB). God … Continue reading C2C, Part 13: The Greatest Test

Linger Much?

I cried: “take this from me, Lord, I cannot bear it any longer!” In my mind, I needed closure, an end. I had grown weary from being weary. I did not want to have to cope with it or even pray through it, any longer. The Lord had become my Shepherd many years earlier, the … Continue reading Linger Much?

C2C, part 9 (Creation to Christ)

The Bible is one book, one history, one story, His story. Behind 10,000 events stands God, the builder of history, the maker of the ages. Eternity bounds the one side, eternity bounds the other side, and time is in between: Genesis—origins, Revelation—endings, and all the way between, God is working things out. You can go … Continue reading C2C, part 9 (Creation to Christ)

The Rib

I was fed up! As we sat before the counselor, I poured out what I had stored up, “Surely I’m not responsible for him. I do not have to be his helper, right? He needs to put out the effort, doesn’t he?!” And as the counselor reaffirmed my line of reasoning, I knew in my … Continue reading The Rib

Called to Development or Diminution?

Have you ever been labeled with a derogatory name that you just cannot seem to get out from under? Maybe you were branded as a child and were repeatedly called stupid, crazy, fat, ugly or some other belittling adjective. Many children are made to feel they cannot do anything right and we wonder why they … Continue reading Called to Development or Diminution?