Mad Dash

If you’re like me, you are dumbfounded that Thanksgiving is around the corner, which is next week people! I really do believe October, November and December race to see which one can sprint the fastest! I’ve considered taking up jogging just to be more adequately prepared for these competing months. But since I haven’t, I … Continue reading Mad Dash


Election Day Uneasiness?

Are you experiencing Election day uneasiness? Keep trusting in Almighty God; He works through the avenues of government to bring about His desired purpose. I’ve been observing a week of “no dairy, no sugar.” How fitting that it fell during this time of elections. My hubby and I were honored to be a part of … Continue reading Election Day Uneasiness?

Celebrating Life (Ending no dairy, no sugar fast)

I’m very thankful for friends and family sending out such sweet birthday greetings, not to mention a wonderful husband that makes sure I have a very special day! I’ve had a blast getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, a glazed & a pumpkin-filled croissant from Burney’s Sweets & More besides eating part of my … Continue reading Celebrating Life (Ending no dairy, no sugar fast)

“Every BODY Matters” (Extended week of no dairy no sugar)

My blog posts entitled, “Person-Driven Life” & “What’s All the Fuss?”, of my “no diary, no sugar fast” for the month of September, brings into perspective the “why” behind the denial of these tasty food groups. Can you call sweets a food group? Clearly, it was added to my pyramid long ago! Since I decided … Continue reading “Every BODY Matters” (Extended week of no dairy no sugar)