The Girl who Sang in her Pain!

Growing up, I dreamed of “Prince Charming” sweeping me off my feet or a “Knight in Shining Armor” riding in and swooping me up! The life of luxury and ease while living the American Dream was certainly on my radar. I imagined how many children I would have and what I would name each of … Continue reading The Girl who Sang in her Pain!


Potty Training and Christmas Cookies

Can you smell it? The Christmas cookies, of course! Smell the nutmeg wafting in the air? Oh, how I love Christmas time! The sights and sounds generate a deep longing to experience that holiest of occasions! The Christmas programs at church remind us there’s no better gift! And invitations to dazzling Christmas parties sparkle like … Continue reading Potty Training and Christmas Cookies

Are You a Performer or a Rescued Heart?

This life is not about a performance to be witnessed but a rescued heart ignited. Performances are acts with “action” and “cut” as their bookends, whereas the rescued heart is a continual blaze without pause giving the world a correct summation of Christ! This Christmas, are you a performer or a rescued heart? As Christians … Continue reading Are You a Performer or a Rescued Heart?

Toy Story

Our grandson has toys that occupy the first floor of our home and toys that occupy the second floor of our home, and rarely do the two mix. However, the other day he decided one of the pieces that resides downstairs needed to come upstairs for some fun. Later in the day while Facetiming his … Continue reading Toy Story

Mad Dash

If you’re like me, you are dumbfounded that Thanksgiving is around the corner, which is next week people! I really do believe October, November and December race to see which one can sprint the fastest! I’ve considered taking up jogging just to be more adequately prepared for these competing months. But since I haven’t, I … Continue reading Mad Dash