September Fast, 2022, Begins!

Situated at my computer while adding up my September Fasts, I am stunned this time will be my 6th abstaining from dairy and sugar. But what is more, because of the intense year this has been with sickness, injury, a nephew going through Stem Cell Transplant and then just a few months later dying, I … Continue reading September Fast, 2022, Begins!

Lost in Logic!

It truly makes no sense that we are coming up on a year since my nephew’s diagnosis of Leukemia. What’s more is that he has already been called to his eternal home (July 14, 2022) just 6 days before his 24th birthday. And add in the unbelievable aspect that his mom went to her eternal … Continue reading Lost in Logic!


God asked me to carry something terrifyingly heavy. In fact, I would need the assistance of flight attendants, trained health care individuals, a whole flight of passengers, and a caring pilot! So much uncertainty rolled into 2+ hours, I immediately wondered why. After all, I was on my way to my hometown for the funeral … Continue reading Storms