The last 41 days of 2020, which included Thanksgiving and Christmas, I spent over one thousand miles from home. I had mixed emotions when the idea first popped into my head back in October, but as it grew closer and closer, I felt the Lord confirming this radical decision. And, thankfully, I have a husband … Continue reading GUTS & GLORY

Skimming the Peaks: Creation to Christ, Part 11: Babel

God pasted a rainbow in the sky as His promise to never flood the earth again. He gave a command to Noah and his family, to populate and fill the earth just as He had with Adam and Eve (Genesis 9:1-2). But it was not long before the people began to forget the goodness of … Continue reading Skimming the Peaks: Creation to Christ, Part 11: Babel

Cry Out! Challenge, Day 29

Have you observed pithy t-shirts and bumper stickers during this election year? Like so many meaningless quotes on Facebook, too often, both the humorous and contradictory messages are not helpful in the least. But the other day I was rewarded with a reflective quote that really preached! “Christ did not die to whitewash us, He … Continue reading Cry Out! Challenge, Day 29

Cry Out! Challenge, Day 28

While sitting in Mission BBQ awaiting my lip-smacking meal, I reflected on a quote prominently positioned on the wall in large letters which had caught my attention: “If You Couldn’t Play Tomorrow, How Hard Would You Play Today?” It reminded me, we are never promised tomorrow~ Today is all we can count on (and we … Continue reading Cry Out! Challenge, Day 28