Overwhelming, devastating, confusing, these are all words that describe how I was feeling just a year ago! Waiting to see the neurosurgeon for my herniated discs, I didn’t have much hope for recovering apart from surgery. Hopelessness can also be added to the list. As I reclined on the sofa, also recovering from a bout of vertigo, our youngest daughter and her husband came by to give me a belated Mother’s Day gift. I never will forget how beautiful our daughter looked that day. As she handed me my gift I understood why she was beaming, and even seemed to be glowing. It was a sonogram of my “in utero” grandchild! Shock overshadowed any elation.

How was I going to be any help to her? How involved could I be as a grandmother? All I was able to see was what I couldn’t do on my own. I felt helpless! Even in our helpless state the Lord steps in and provides what we need. I marvel that He stepped in to the uncertainty I was facing and provided a better way – not a perfect way – but a better one for me. He doesn’t give us the “one size fits all” remedy, but hones in on the greatest need of our hearts and custom makes the remedy for our individual need. What an Awesome God! What an Awesome Father! He really does provide for the deepest needs of our souls and offers to takWP_20160505_016 (2) [8206]e the burden upon Himself and carry the load. We are set-free to serve, not in perfection but Holy intention! So when I fulfill my duties as “Gram,” whether night or day, I’m feeding and burping and changing diapers and rocking to sleep and praying for this little one to know the deep, deep love of the Father!


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