This guy rocks my world!

Hunky husband

This guy literally rocked my world from the very moment I saw him! And when I say rocked I don’t mean put me to sleep; He sent me soaring! I was charmed by the smile and the caring demeanor. He perpetrated a kindness that I had never seen in action. He seemed to be the Prince Charming I had been dreaming of all of my life. [Okay, I was 18, not a very long life.] However, not long after the honeymoon was over, soaring became plummeting, and the rocking, well, let’s just say it was slowwww. I couldn’t believe it! I learned rather quickly, to my dismay, he had not read up on any of the romance novels that I had digested as a teen. The guy missed the boat! He totally was out to lunch! How would I ever make him into my prince charming?! We both would go on to discover some very broken elements to our relationship. Some much worse than not being prince charming! And yet, through a lifetime of allowing the Lord of the Universe to break us and reshape us, our reflection is growing more Christ-like every day. So, on this day of my dear husband’s birthday, I have to again thank him for hanging in there. Hanging in there until I could once again see that rocking smile for all its worth! And with the Lord in charge of the changes, Prince Charming has never looked better!! “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17.

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