This guy rocks my world!

Hunky husband

This guy literally rocked my world from the very moment I saw him! And when I say rocked I don’t mean put me to sleep; He sent me soaring! I was charmed by the smile and the caring demeanor. He effectuated a kindness that I had never seen in action. He seemed to be the Prince Charming I had been dreaming of all of my life. [Okay, I was 18, not a very long life.] However, once we said “I do,” I realized he had not read up on any of the romance novels that I had digested as a teen. There was no doubt he was genuine, kindhearted, and a very patient guy but prince charming had “missed the boat” and didn’t know how to “charm”! Funny how it seems he did when we were dating, Ha! But it wasn’t JUST him!!

We BOTH discovered some very broken elements in our relationship. Unfortunately, when we arrived to our little one bedroom apartment and unloaded our trunk, we found a secret compartment filled with unresolved issues that had been painfully packed away. And yet, when we finally realized we were God’s instruments to show the world how He can transform the lives of two imperfect people, healing began to take place. Real growth took place as our Heavenly Father reshaped our thoughts and the intentions of our hearts. We realized the enemy wanted our union destroyed but God wanted to save it and beautify it! Would we be willing to keep at it for the long haul? For us, it has taken a lifetime to work through so much baggage, but how thankful we are that a chord of three strands is not easily broken (Ecclesiastes 4:12).

So, on this day of my dear husband’s birthday, I have to again thank him for hanging in there. Hanging in there until I could once again see that rocking smile for all its worth! And with the Lord in charge of the changes, Prince Charming has never looked better!!

“As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another” Proverbs 27:17.

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