Red Hot Christmas

If you’re hoping for perfection in your Christmas decorating or baking or hosting, give it up now!Gram & Tot christmas baking.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1

Just do what needs to be done and be content with how it turns out. And for Pete’s sake, don’t put a lot of expectation on the gifts being received with loads of enthusiasm, or if the gifts are non-existent. But remember the greatest gift that came into the world can’t be outdone. You can honor the Lord most by a heart that is continually worshiping and not overworking!

Gram & Tot christmas baking.jpg1.jpg1

So, as a perfectionist, I put this to the test by letting my grandson help me roll out the gingerbread boys and place their eyes and buttons with red hots. Two things I learned very quickly: he doesn’t know he isn’t supposed to eat raw dough and secondly, he can pop a red hot in his mouth faster than I can blink!!Gram & Tot christmas baking.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1

Gram & Tot christmas baking 1Have fun this Christmas season with a heart full by maintaining a focus on the Savior!

The grandson’s focus kept shifting to the Red Hots. I did have these lofty thoughts of a “Gram & Tot Cooking Show,” but after the “FUN” we had making gingerbread boys, I have re-thought those thoughts! 😉

Gram & Tot christmas baking.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1.jpg1I’m sure his mama and dada will love them no matter what they look like! 😉 Gift for mama & dada – check

Have a very joy-filled Christmas!

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