Saving Face

As the golf ball rolled down the concrete drive into the street, I cringed thinking of the 3-year-old running after it. My main concern was our neighbor-tot running out into the street to collect his ball. As I strolled over to my flowerbeds, inconspicuously trying to keep an eye on what might take place, it happened. My main concern wasn’t my main concern any longer! Barreling down the cement driveway as fast as his little legs would carry him, and even faster because of the slope of the drive, I strained. Watching a torpedo headed for impact with the pavement always makes me sick to my stomach. First his knees then his face, and he began to cry. I ran out to get the golf ball from the street while his grandma approached him from behind. After retrieving the ball, I started talking to him, he stopped crying and stared! I was congratulating him on the attire he had chosen because on his head he wore the biggest, adult-sized, massive baseball helmet I have ever seen. I told him I’m sure the helmet was a big reason he torpedoed to the ground, but it also saved his little face from damage. The scraped knees of course could be doctored but his face would have taken a tremendous blow, maybe even knocked out teeth. The oversized helmet with the rim around the forehead stopped his face from smashing into the pavement. I had wanted so badly to stop his fall, but I couldn’t. But his attire saved him. We can’t keep our children from the hurts they will experience. However, we can make sure they are suited up in the right attire that will protect them better than we ever could hope to.

Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil. (Ephesians 6:11, NLT)

With this month of “no dairy, no sugar fast,” I’m working on MY attire. “Putting on” the helmet of salvation provides mental protection from my enemy the devil. And even though he is a schemer, a deceiver, and a liar, I am well protected. Suiting up with God’s inimitable armor is a constant reminder of who I belong to and where I am going (eternal home). It protects my mind from dwelling on things that I can’t have and thinking on the blessings of what I can have!

Has your attire saved your face?

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