Proverbs 10

Do you wonder if your neighbors are reading the Book of Proverbs? Do your neighbors want to ask YOU to read the Book of Proverbs on a regular basis?

Proverbs is God’s practical wisdom for righteous living: Wise Behavior = Skillful Living

We encountered the foundational truth of wisdom in the first chapter of the book (1:7). Dan Phillips writes, “This thought opens (1:7) and closes (31:30) the book, occurring fourteen times in all. Solomon is saying in effect, ‘The true God has revealed Himself. If you want true wisdom, you must start with Him, on his revealed terms. You must have a living, vital relationship with that one true God.’ Solomon’s short-hand phrase for that relationship is – ‘the fear of Yahweh’” (God’s Wisdom in Proverbs).

While pastoring in the Georgia/Tennessee area, we became homeowners with a mortgage! We were thrilled when we found a newer subdivision with the name Cornerstone. We felt it was our cue to buy this home even though it was “lot 13”, and apparently had been passed over. But after moving in and getting to know the neighbors we found it might have been the BIG dogs on either side of our home that kept others from buying “lot 13”. Also, one set of dogs were behind a fence the others were not. Despite this, we enjoyed getting to know a multi-cultural group of individuals. One lady, who lived alone several houses away, couldn’t ever seem to keep her yard mowed. There were grumblings throughout the neighborhood because of the tall grass. A couple of us were thinking she might need some help and decided to offer our assistance. And of course, I decided to be the one to bridge the communication link and contact her. As I rang her up and preceded to reveal several in the neighborhood would be happy to help her mow her lawn, I was given a not so warm reception besides remarks filled with profanity. Apparently, she did have a need but focused on the fact that she was a part of the neighborhood conversation instead of being willing to accept help. Her highly skilled expletive comments validated “Too much talk leads to sin. Be sensible and keep your mouth shut” (10:19, NLT). However, when I mentioned I was a pastor’s wife. She then changed her tune and apologized for her vulgarity. Maybe she had a fear of God, for that I’m thankful – “Fear of the Lord lengthens one’s life, but the years of the wicked are cut short” (10:27).

Do the neighborly thing and read Proverbs!

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