Have you ever had a hard time getting someone’s attention? Imagine what it’s like when my mom, two sisters, sister-in-law, and myself get together, as the talking frenzy ensues. Whoever is the loudest seems to hold the attention. Trying to slip your two cents in isn’t going to happen. It certainly can be very comical. Of course, there are also the times when gaining a spouse’s attention has proven to be an incalculable chore, but not so humorous, right?!

Seriously, what about when God tries to win our attention? What does it take for the Creator God to gain the attention of His creation? We, in America, must really appear as self-absorbed individuals as we experience the events which cause a survival mode of sorts. We say, “God bless America,” but do we as Americans bless God with our time or our resources.

Surely, it’s TIME TO REFOCUS, “Come, let us worship and bow down; Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker” (Psalm 95:6, NASB).

“Day after day, Lord, I see the tragic results of anger, jealousy, and hatred, yet still I allow seeds of these thoughts and attitudes to remain in my heart and mind. Day after day I hear the gods of power, prestige, wealth, and self-righteousness calling me to bow down to them, and sometimes I do. Day after day I make decisions as to whether I will further my own agenda or yours, whether I will exalt my name or yours, whether I will help the enemy in his rampage of hatred and darkness or build your kingdom of love and light. Thank you, Lord, for time to refocus, to take my eyes off the evils of this world and Satan’s strategy of destruction, and to be reminded of the goodness of your kingdom and your strategy of redemption. Thank you for the assurance that I am in your care—and so is the entire world! Thank you for the privilege of coming into your presence and singing your praise.” (100 Prayers: Inspired by the Psalms by Julie Ackerman Link)

Does the Lord God have your attention now?

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