Odd Moments of True Worship

My dear hubby, Rodrigo, as I affectionately refer to him, calls my car a “zoom-zoom” car because it has a power-packed engine and a moon roof which circulates the breezes as we zoom down the country roads. The other day as I gazed out the window from the passenger seat, my heart silently sung to my magnificent Creator for the beautiful, blanketed fields of steamy fog enveloping the livestock munching on the dew drenched grasses of the prairie. Recently, the Lord has been drawing me into worship, even at odd moments. A good example would be that of last Sunday.

After being apart for 11 days, I was looking forward to corporate worship with the dear ole’ Rodrigo. As we took our places in the auditorium preparing for a blessed morning, I took a quick selfie of us and posted it to Facebook. But then it happened . . .

Rodrigo sat down while we were still singing so I knew I needed to be proactive in assessing what he might need. He asked me to get him some water. Apparently, he was experiencing a repeat from almost 2 years ago when we ended up in ER from passing out while trying to get into the building where he works. Thankfully, this time he was sitting down, and it took place without a major incident and no stitches involved. I was very thankful for the men of the church who descended to the front and were able to wheel him out in a wheelchair and help get him into the car. He was drenched in perspiration, but we sat there until he was ready for me to drive us; “ME to drive us” are the alarming words here! You see, the stretch of road is the kind I avoid at all cost: Lined with cement partitions and cones for construction projects, much traffic including big trucks, and the speed that many find too restricted, 75 miles an hour. Yet, my heavenly Father “took the wheel” (sorry, I couldn’t resist 😉) and in all the uncertainty and stressful traffic, God brought worship to my heart as I sought to get my husband to a safe place. It was incredible to me, how the Lord filled my heart with thanksgiving and provided peace for “His Journey for Me.” Even though I did not know an outcome, I worshipped my Creator for lovingly having it all under control, His control (Psalm 86:12; Psalm 31:14-15).

Two years earlier while driving to an errand alone after Rodrigo’s accident, God really began impressing upon my heart the meaning of true worship. Worship is not about having someone to worship alongside you or even the atmosphere of the place – but all about the heart! True worshippers – worship in Spirit and Truth (John 4:24). While surroundings do add value, worship does not take place simply because the music is right, or the chairs are to our liking, or even the worship leader is someone we deem an acceptable fit! If outside circumstances are required in order to create an environment of worship, then we are missing the boat on “true worship” and we have not a heart for worship!

For God is Spirit, so those who worship him must worship in spirit and in truth.   

      John 4:24, NLT

By the way, Rodrigo is undergoing tests, but it appears to have been a hastening oversight of little personal self-care that morning. We shall see, but may we not pattern a hastening oversight of preparation for true worship.

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