Transplants & Transformation (Day 8)

Today is Transplant Day for my 23-year-old nephew, Dylan!  And Day 8 of my “No dairy, no sugar” fast! Spending time in God’s Word and praying with an extra zeal as we approach the celebration of Resurrection Sunday next month, continues to be transformable.

Our human nature can cause us to question how God works in our lives because we rely on what we see as proof of God’s love. But Jesus wants us to know –

“You don’t understand now what I am doing, but someday you will.”

John 13:7, NLT

This declaration was given to the disciples when Peter questioned Jesus about washing their feet. The Bible also tells us that God’s ways are not our ways and we may have to go through fire and water like the Israelites before we reach heaven’s shores (Isaiah 55:8; Psalm 66:12). Even so, we can be sure when we reach the other shore it will be worth it all! So, Keep holding on; Keep the faith; Never stop trusting!

One of my favorite authors who pinpoints exactly what type of outlook we need is Paul David Tripp in his little book, “New Morning Mercies.”

God has chosen to let you live in this fallen world because he plans to employ the difficulties of it to continue and complete his work in you. This means that those moments of difficulty are not an interruption of his plan or the failure of his plan, but rather an important part of his plan. I think there are times for many of us when we cry out for God’s grace and we get it—but not the grace that we’re looking for. We want the grace of relief or release. We get those in little pieces, but largely they are yet to come. What we all really need right now is the grace of transformation. God’s grace is not always pleasant. It often comes in the form of something we never would have chosen to go through if we were controlling the joystick. We all need to teach and encourage one another with the theology of uncomfortable grace, because on this side of eternity, God’s grace often comes to us in uncomfortable forms. It may not be what you and I want, but it is precisely what we need. God is faithful; he will use the brokenness of the world that is your present address to complete the loving work of personal transformation that he has begun. Now, that’s grace!

How is uncomfortable grace shaping your personal transformation for His glory?

Praying for our nephew with our daughter & her boys!

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