Confessions of a sugar-holic!

Have you ever postponed admitting something for years choosing to live in denial? I know I have!

I like condensed milk. No, wait a minute . . . I LOVE condensed milk! I can remember, as a child, walking across the railroad tracks in my home town to purchase a can with my allowance from Taylor’s grocery store. I would savor every spoonful straight out of the can.  But that’s not all, there was also my bowl of frosted flakes. Yep, you guessed it! I dowsed my already sugary breakfast with tablespoons of those “sweet-tasting” granules.

My “sugarholic” state continued as I got older by devouring six Krispy Kreme donuts in one sitting. I would greedily consume the Pizza Hut family size pack of cinnamon sticks for dessert without regret of sharing. Okay, maybe I shared a couple. Many times, I sacrificed a good wholesome breakfast for a slice of pie. Sweets were my passion!


But, when my body decided it could no longer handle sugar-over-load and discomfort settled in, I knew something would have to change. Yet, I had formed some bad habits. And changing behavioral patterns would definitely be tough! So, I chose the easy way out telling God if I can’t have sugar He may as well take me home to Heaven which eventually I had to admit was not exactly a smart thing to do. When I think back to the times I told the Lord “take me home” because I wasn’t interested in learning the lesson He had mapped out for me, I cringe. He really has been patient with my self-gratifying nature. Oh, how it must grieve the Spirit of God for me to choose the enjoyment of here and now over building something I could enjoy for all eternity!

Today, my body can only tolerate sugar in moderation so I no longer consume condensed milk out of the can, and have left Frosted Flakes behind, and very rarely have a Krispy Kreme doughnut.  And through all the years of choosing second best, my gracious heavenly Father never stopped pursuing me so I could experience THE BEST: A relationship with Him that is sweeter than any sweets. That truly is better than condensed milk!

What is your condensed milk story?

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