Join the Genealogy of Life

WOW! It's December 4th! The end of another year is upon us! And, Christmas time is here again! Which means the Christmas decorations have been rummaged through and placed in noteworthy positions in the home, parties penciled in on the calendar, and Christmas vacations arranged. Yet, I find peace and joy not in the activity … Continue reading Join the Genealogy of Life

Seasons Come & Seasons Go

As you know, fall is my favorite time of the year: From the changing colors of leaves falling to the ground, a variety of pumpkins, from Cinderella, to Baking strewn everywhere, and hot drinks and fur-lined boots for that gnat-less, cooler air. And smack dab in the middle of it all, I get to celebrate … Continue reading Seasons Come & Seasons Go

Lessons Learned

In my younger years, I certainly didn’t give it a thought concerning the amount of sugar I consumed, daily. Struggling with aches and pains was very common. The leg pain that was so uncomfortable through the day, tormented my nights. In addition, migraines came calling quite frequently. I lived on acetaminophen and ibuprofen, as well … Continue reading Lessons Learned