I AM HE! (Day 43)

God is for us! Scripture repeatedly affirms, God is for us. He desires that no one should parish but all to come to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, His Son (2 Peter 3:9). As a result, Jesus’ earthly ministry fulfills the Father’s will not wasting one moment on the unessential. Jesus stayed in tune … Continue reading I AM HE! (Day 43)

Humble King & Messiah (Day 42)

As I stretch to make it through this last week of my “no dairy, no sugar” fast, I remembered a book written by my pastor. Pulling it from the shelves, I eagerly began digesting the scenes described in detail of my Savior’s Last Week. Join me each day recalling what He experienced.   Travel back … Continue reading Humble King & Messiah (Day 42)

Yet Not I but Through Christ in Me (Day 27)

The Shepherd's Church Another Sunday, another day worshipping with like-minded believers in Jesus! Since joining our church body in 2017, the Lord has blessed my heart with amazing-led worship and expository preaching. Today was another glorious, Christ-centered representation of what to expect when we are gathered around the throne of God! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! … Continue reading Yet Not I but Through Christ in Me (Day 27)

NEW LIFE (Day 25)

In the Bible the Psalms is a book of Hebrew poetry containing hymns of praise as well as laments. Featured parallelisms are articulated through repetition, variation, or contrast. There are deep and raw emotions being expressed as the writers share their outlooks. David wrote many of these weighty, at his “wits end,” laments. In Psalm … Continue reading NEW LIFE (Day 25)