Crooked and Perverse (Day 24)

Every day we hear something or see something that reminds us we are right on track with what the Bible has been saying all along. In the Apostle Paul’s day, he instructed for every believer to live blamelessly amidst a crooked and perverse generation of men and women. Their faithful service in such difficult times … Continue reading Crooked and Perverse (Day 24)

Timely Correspondence from Prison (Day 23)

Day 23 of my “no dairy, no sugar” fast As I sat trying to decide which direction to go – as far as my post for today is concerned – I received an email from my nephew in prison. Recently, I’ve encountered issues with the mail not getting to him and being returned with a … Continue reading Timely Correspondence from Prison (Day 23)

Not being Outwitted! (Day 22)

In yesterday’s post, Pushing My Panic Buttons, I shared how anxiety easily mounts into panic attacks if we are not on guard. We focused on 1 Peter 5:8 where the Apostle instructs us to be ALERT and “clear-headed.” If we are filled with anxious thoughts, fretting, worries of any kind, we will not be “clear-headed” … Continue reading Not being Outwitted! (Day 22)

Pushing My Panic Buttons ☹ (Day 21)

Day 21, “no sugar, no dairy” fast For years, my panic buttons were pushed quite effectively. Anxiety and panic attacks wreaked havoc in my early adult years and then again through menopause. But lately, I can say with freedom, I have found relief. Yet the panic buttons can resurface when you least expect. Just when … Continue reading Pushing My Panic Buttons ☹ (Day 21)

The Mind, the center of Life? (Day 20)

Day 20, “No dairy, No sugar fast”: Spring has sprung! What a beautiful breezy, Sunday! It is the first day of spring and another day of gathering to worship with the body of Christ! Today was a double blessing! After I finished greeting at the welcome desk at our place of worship, we hopped right … Continue reading The Mind, the center of Life? (Day 20)

Frantic Flapper or Soaring Eagle (Day 15) 

Serving alongside my husband in ministry as a pastor’s wife (many moons ago), presented opportunities where I needed God’s wisdom. In those occasions I became either a frantic flapper or a soaring eagle. More times than not, the frantic flapper emerged. The Bible declares, You will show me the way of life, granting me the … Continue reading Frantic Flapper or Soaring Eagle (Day 15)