“Lord, open our eyes that we may see” (Day 36)

The news hit me like a ton of bricks! How could anything good come from it? But just as soon as my thoughts started to go down the wrong road of “what if’s,” I immediately turned to the Lord asking for spiritual wisdom, and to give me eyes to see just as Elisha prayed for … Continue reading “Lord, open our eyes that we may see” (Day 36)

A Sweet Finale (Day 31)

This month of “no dairy, no sugar” has been super! and I would say, my best “fast” yet! While my writing daily is completed, my restrictions for my fast will continue until Easter, April 17. That Sunday will be a huge celebration of worshipping our resurrected Lord and breaking my fast with cheesecake (requested by … Continue reading A Sweet Finale (Day 31)

Yet Not I but Through Christ in Me (Day 27)

The Shepherd's Church Another Sunday, another day worshipping with like-minded believers in Jesus! Since joining our church body in 2017, the Lord has blessed my heart with amazing-led worship and expository preaching. Today was another glorious, Christ-centered representation of what to expect when we are gathered around the throne of God! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! … Continue reading Yet Not I but Through Christ in Me (Day 27)

NEW LIFE (Day 25)

In the Bible the Psalms is a book of Hebrew poetry containing hymns of praise as well as laments. Featured parallelisms are articulated through repetition, variation, or contrast. There are deep and raw emotions being expressed as the writers share their outlooks. David wrote many of these weighty, at his “wits end,” laments. In Psalm … Continue reading NEW LIFE (Day 25)