Fugacious Existence

Have you unexpectantly received some good news and then in the next moment down comes the bad? It’s like when someone tells you: I have bad news and good news; which one do you want to hear first? The good news: You are getting $2400 stimulus money. But the bad news, you owe $6300 to … Continue reading Fugacious Existence

The Third “P”

“Rodrigo” (as I like to call him) and I had a lovely cookout the other day! The food was great, and the company was amusing 😉 but what thrilled me the most was the peaceful setting. No thoughts of a “Lockdown” or even a “virus;” No worry or care “called in” to interrupt that peace-filled … Continue reading The Third “P”


As I rolled out of bed, a beautiful, bright Sunday morning beamed through my windows. It wouldn’t find me rushing to hop in the car for the 40-minute drive to our church services. Instead our Adult Bible Fellowship met through Zoom with a dozen couples participating. In that moment, I realized how much I missed … Continue reading ZOOM IN


Have you ever had a hard time getting someone’s attention? Imagine what it’s like when my mom, two sisters, sister-in-law, and myself get together, as the talking frenzy ensues. Whoever is the loudest seems to hold the attention. Trying to slip your two cents in isn’t going to happen. It certainly can be very comical. … Continue reading ATTENTION!