C2C, Part 16: Moses & the Great Escape

Joseph and his brothers grew old and died but their children’s children stayed on in Egypt where they became a very large family. We now leave the book of Genesis “beginnings” and move on into the book of Exodus which means “going out.” Join me as we discover what “going out” requires! A new Pharoah … Continue reading C2C, Part 16: Moses & the Great Escape

A Little Bundle!

In honor of our son’s 38th birthday (can that really be possible?), I’m sharing this memory from the day he was born!

the scarlett road

The sought after adventure of marrying Rodney Phillips became a roller-coaster ride for a small town girl more than she could have ever imagined. Leaving home and family in the south and moving to the gray skies of the north brought a great deal of isolation and loneliness. Then just two months after turning 20 years old, an overwhelming awareness became stronger and stronger.


I was pregnant!

Over a thousand miles from home, and having a baby, I found myself very excited and very fearful all at the same time. But just two months before my 21st birthday, I gave birth to a beautiful baby. Rodney had been by my side through the entire process. I cannot find the words to explain how excited I was to hear the doctor announce, “it’s a boy!”

“Whatever is good and perfect comes down to us from God our Father, who created…

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A Fragile State of Repair

An update to God’s amazing love and faithfulness has been added at the end of this post!

the scarlett road

Hopeless and confused, describes how I was feeling in 2015 after hearing from several doctors that I would need surgery.  So, waiting to see the neurosurgeon for my herniated discs, I didn’t have any hope for recovery apart from surgery. As I reclined on the sofa, also recovering from a bout of vertigo, our youngest daughter and her husband came by to give me a belated Mother’s Day gift. I will never forget how beautiful she looked that day. As she walked around the sofa and handed me a small piece of paper, I understood why she was beaming, and even seemed to be glowing. My gift was a sonogram printout of my “in utero” grandchild! Unfortunately, shock overshadowed any elation I might have felt.

My mind raced: “how would I be any help? How involved could I be as a grandmother? I could hardly walk to the bathroom on…

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C2C, Part 15: Joseph: God is our Great Rescuer!

Many years later, Jacob returned to Canaan. Jacob had twelve sons. And God changed his name to Israel. The land of Canaan, the Promised Land, is still called by his name: Israel. Out of the twelve sons born to Jacob, he had a favorite! Joseph the favored son, which caused him to be hated by … Continue reading C2C, Part 15: Joseph: God is our Great Rescuer!

C2C, Part 14: Twins are born

God spared Isaac’s life. And He promised Abraham that through Isaac many descendants would be born, including the Deliverer. Isaac married Rebekah (Genesis 24). Rebekah was born in the land of Abraham, Isaac’s father, who had left to follow God’s command which led him to Canaan. Twin sons were born to Isaac and Rebekah (Genesis … Continue reading C2C, Part 14: Twins are born

C2C, Part 13: The Greatest Test

God’s promise to give Abraham a son was not forgotten, and Sarah gave birth to Isaac (Genesis 21). Abraham’s faith was rewarded. But even more important than Abraham’s faith is the faithful God in whom he trusted. “Now it came about after these things, that God tested Abraham . . .” (Genesis 22, NASB). God … Continue reading C2C, Part 13: The Greatest Test

Linger Much?

I cried: “take this from me, Lord, I cannot bear it any longer!” In my mind, I needed closure, an end. I had grown weary from being weary. I did not want to have to cope with it or even pray through it, any longer. The Lord had become my Shepherd many years earlier, the … Continue reading Linger Much?