My Son!

My emotions are all over the place, today, because my son is turning 32 years old!! So many memories play through my mind of that incredible day. So far from home! And still so far from him!

For the most part, the sought after adventure of marrying Rodney Phillips was more of a roller-coaster for a small town girl than she could have ever imagined. Leaving home and family in the south and moving to the gray skies of the north brought a great deal of isolation and loneliness to her heart. Then just two months after turning 20 years old, an overwhelming awareness became stronger and stronger.

I was pregnant! new2

Over a thousand miles from home, and having a baby, I found myself on a maze-like expedition. And just two months before my 21st birthday, I gave birth to a beautiful baby. Rodney had been by my side through the entire process. I cannot find the words to explain how excited I was to hear the doctor announce, it’s a boy! I felt such a sense of accomplishment. I had given Rodney a son. Of course, it was all God’s doing but I was the vessel He had used. What a high that was for me! However, Rodney was feeling exhausted by this time. It was now lunchtime and we agreed he would go home and sleep for a few hours and then return for the evening meal. Yet, when the appointed time came for him to return, He was nowhere to be found. I called our apartment to no avail. So I assumed he was on his way. But a short time later, still no Rodney. We lived in close proximity to the hospital. Trying not to be concerned, I called the apartment once again. This time I let the phone ring and ring and ring and finally a voice at the other end answered. “Hello,” Rodney responded. “Why aren’t you coming?” I asked. To this was his priceless reply, “Where are you?” I had not slept a wink, filled with adrenaline from having been in labor all night long, and then pushing a baby out of my body for an hour and 15 minutes without contractions because they had stopped and I refused to let them start the drip on me. There was a flash of a thought that was highly illegal. But I jarred his sleepy-headed memory instead, and reminded myself he was all I had! I learned how different Rodney and I respond to the same situations. And we still do! The thorns and blooms have undeniably been animated!

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