My Man’s Birthday

At 18, I heard my boyfriend preach for a Sunday morning worship service. We were at my home church in Louisiana. I knew after hearing him preach that sermon I wanted to marry him! Growing up in a Bible-teaching church, I had been privileged to hear some spectacular sermons. But now, I was hearing the youngest preacher I had ever heard (just 21 years of age) and he was amazing. Scripture was explained in such a way that I understood what the author of the passage was trying to convey. If I was going to attend church the rest of my life, I wanted to sit under teaching such as I had just heard.

Four months later, we were married! This guy has certainly been a challenge to my patience and unconditional love these many years (which would not have proven successful apart from God Almighty’s presence in our lives), but I am SO thankful for him. As he turns 56 years old, his distinguished sermons still move me. But not only that, the tenacity and steadfastness that is so ingrain in who he is, and produces the fortitude needed these three LONG years as he works on an Ed.D. Degree, is genuine. Now as he is in the dissertation process which consists of a couple more years of grueling work, his endurance admonishes me more and more.

Doing life with him has grown into a celebration of struggles which ultimately mature into blossoms of giant proportions! Birthdays are the perfect occasion to honor his noble gallantry and timeless chivalry! He is MY hero as well as my very best friend. I love you, Rodney Phillips.Easter 2016


2 thoughts on “My Man’s Birthday

  1. Koneika! Your words thrill my heart! Rodney and I banged heads for years and it is so wonderful to be able to enjoy each other now! Thanks for sharing how this story touched you! Chris 😉


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