Day Twenty-six

Day 26

No sugar or dairy

As the grandson napped, I zipped through some Bible reading, laundry, and much needed ironing. When I finished pressing the last shirt for the dear hubby, I held it up to admire the work – I love a fresh, crisp ironed shirt. I flipped it around to view the back, and gasped. I had just turned the iron off and had to turn it back on. Yep, totally missed the back of the shirt. Sometimes I zip through my devotions so quickly, I’m sure the Lord gasps!

So our aim is to please him always in everything we do . . . (2 Corinthians 5:9 TLB)

We’ve started. Only a start but it’s still a start. A start on clearing out unwanted brush in our little piece of woods behind the house. Our neighbor kindly came over and cut down a couple of smaller trees with his chain saw. He said my hubby could borrow it anytime. We both looked at each other and gasped! The ax and saw will have to do – don’t want hubby to uncontrollably take down the whole wooded section, never mind an arm or leg. It’s slow go, and backbreaking work, but it will have to do. As I did my ironing today, I watched as a little bobcat worked to remove a whole row of stumps across the street. The minimal effort that it took to pull up those stumps reminded me of what the Holy Spirit can do when we live under His authority, influence, and enablement (Ephesians 5:18).  The Holy Spirit equips us with the power to please Him in everything. Or, we can just strike out in our own strength, and see how far we fall short. Unfortunately, I’ve tried it and I didn’t get very far. And I certainly wasn’t pleasing to Him. Obedience to the command “to be filled with the Spirit” is what is most pleasing to Him. There’s nothing better for generating that pleasing aroma than to be under His authority, influence, and enablement! Speaking of aroma’s, Oh, I guess that will have to wait for another time (4 days)!

What is your aim in life?



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