Thirty Days Completed

Many are familiar with the story of Hur and Aaron holding up Moses’ hands, supporting him, while Joshua and his army fought against Amalek (Exodus 17:10-13). Israel prevailed over the army of Amalek because of the assistance of Hur and Aaron. Many of you provided the encouragement I needed for this month of no sugar or dairy. I want to thank each of you who tagged along, prayed, and cheered!

22154468_10210392290229523_3325240055683054646_nAnd I especially want to show my appreciation to the winning cheerleader with a small memento. As soon as it arrives, I will post a picture to my blog. There’s no doubt Marilyn Evans has been gifted with writing the best all-around cheers. Look forward to keeping her on my team for many years to come! 😉

While September was filled with daily guidance, and trusting obedience, not to mention excitement to see what the Lord would provide for me to share with you each day, spiritually, it has been a high I don’t want to see end. Physically, “the high” was nonexistent, and for that I’m terribly grateful! My (physical) heart is VERY appreciative as well as my stomach. The battle is never over on this earth, eating sugar in moderation will always be a life-struggle for me. But, I never want to go back. So, here’s to taking it one day at a time!

Thanks again for tagging along and seeing me through the month of September. The last day of the month ended with my husband’s nephew’s wedding in Tennessee. How fitting for a beautiful, God-honoring wedding to be the final consummation!

What people have stepped into your life and made it more bearable? Thank them, today!

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