Come, walk with me!

October is winding down. It truly is hard to believe. My favorite month of the year is gone too soon!

So . . .

Come, walk with me along the way

Where lanes are autumn-dressed.

Come, drink in all the colors fair,

And let your heart be blessed.

 Come, see the flaming sumac plumes

Lift banners to the sky,

As goldenrod and asters nod

To us as we pass by.

 Come, walk with me when leaves turn gold

And hills wear crimson hue,

Where pumpkins grow in amber fields

‘Neath sky of matchless blue,

 Come, walk with me this misty morn;

There’s splendor to behold;

Along the country lanes we’ll see

God’s miracles unfold.          —Beverly J. Anderson

And as we walk let us talk to our . . .

Gracious Heavenly Father, Teach me, make me know understanding and discernment so I can obey you with my whole heart. Dearest Holy Spirit, tutor me and make me walk the path that leads to righteousness “for I delight in it.” May my heart be turned to the Word of God, keep me from dishonest gain. Turn my eyes from looking at vanity, and be my shield of protection. Sweet Lord Jesus, establish Your Word in me as I reverence you. Intervene on my behalf when others slight me. Help me transition from the external pressures to an internal focus on You that produces transformation. May others see a committed life that is renewed through your righteousness. Amen.         –Psalm 119:33-40



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