Are you losing your last ray of hope? Part 2

Can you rest in the Lord when your world is spinning? Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 . . .

My doctor sent me to the ER in 2015 to get a scan to rule out a brain bleed. I suffered with a bout of Vertigo for a 24-hour period and he wanted to play it safe. Since 2015, I have not experienced that level of dizziness until last week. Back and forth, in-between normal days, I experienced the vertigo. Then on the day I was going to get help from the Chiropractor – it was a totally unsettling day, so much so I wondered if I should be headed to the ER instead.

My peace was waning (Philippians 4:7). There was not a spirit of rejoicing (Philippians 4:4). The Apostle Paul’s command was never, rejoice if you feel like it! And of course, he isn’t saying to rejoice in the circumstances but in the person of Jesus Christ knowing He causes the rain to fall on the believer as well as the sinner, but He causes ALL things for the believer to work for good (Romans 8:28)! My mind was literally whirling: Would this go on much longer? My grandson, whom I normally keep while his mama works, had to go out of town to stay with my other daughter. Anxious thoughts began to run through my head, “will I be better by the time he comes back?” I had a choice, where was I going to fix my thoughts, on all the uncertainty or on the certainty that the Word of God is living, active and trustworthy?me and parker

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 . . . So, determined not to let the enemy wrap me in his vises (Ephesians 6:10 & 11), I began focusing my mind and heart on God’s Word, praying for peace, and thanking the Lord for being with me. Tears may have streaked my face, I may have called my husband home from work since I had my grandson, and anxious thoughts may have continued to try and bully their way to the forefront of my mind, but the Lord was true to His Word. And each time as I prayed and sang choruses redirecting my thinking while praising Jesus, I was able to have a peace that God was totally in control even though my world seemed out of control. The Apostle Paul wasn’t just scribbling a note while a prisoner, he was the instrument of God writing a message of joy even in hard times and teaching how to live in the light of His presence with a heart of gratitude. Paul’s letter wasn’t fluff, or a happy-touchy-feely article. His command to rejoice in the Lord was a radical idea in the face of imprisonment, persecution and even death, but that is what God calls for, hearts that are open to Him sitting on the throne! Even if your world is spinning, what better way to show the true peace of Christ through a life standing firm in the mist of unrest! My sis-in-law is such a wonderful example of taking one day at a time in the mist of uncertainty. She is standing firm! And I want to be like her!me and sharon

Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3. Yes, Lord, I hear you Loud and Clear.

It is true, God has blessed me with a track record. In 2015, after the ER run, I was home lying on my sofa. It was a Sunday in May, a week or so after Mother’s Day, my dear hubby by my side (there’s no better nurse maid, I promise)! Our youngest daughter and son-in-law had called and said they wanted to drive over after they got out of church. I still remember so clearly how beautiful and refreshing my daughter looked as she walked around the sofa to see me. This was not just a “how are you doing” visit! This was an announcement! She handed me the sonogram picture and precedes to tell me she’s going to have a baby!

Unfortunately, the wonderful, exciting announcement of a grandchild was overshadowed by the fact that I was recovering from my head spinning, had been told I would have to have surgery for a herniated disc, and a month earlier had buried my dad.

What was God doing? How would I be of any help? How was I going to even enjoy my own grandchild? Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3; Can you hear Me?

I share some of those answers in two other post from 2015: Fragility and The Physical Therapy Monster/Training Day

So, follow the example of the Apostle Paul, having a heart of gratitude instead of grumbling. It allows your heart to rejoice IN THE LORD, and you just might see a miracle unfold before your very eyes! I know I did!

Over and over the Bible shares the faithfulness of God: The Bible tells us God is Faithful! Have you tested His faithfulness recently?










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