It’s A Hot One! (Day Six of Round Two)

cooling offThe days are growing shorter. As summer sprinted across my calendar and September arrived on the scene, I felt gypped! Where had the summer gone? And yet, suffocating heat with summer’s balminess has continued into September and with the absence of rain, I feel the ground has even begun to moan. But now, I’m ready! Ready for an autumn awakening, a burst of cooler, fresher air! My enthusiasm is growing with each 90-degree forecast. Bring on the enticing smells and feels of Autumn!

With a “no dairy, no sugar fast” for the month of September, I “patiently” 😉 wait for October when I can savor all those yummy apple & pumpkin dishes and bake to my heart’s content. My poor, beggarly grandson is asking for blueberry muffins. Breakfast at Gram’s house in September has been quite disappointing. But Gram always has after-nap treats, and this month I whipped up some Honey, Cinnamon Cookies for him. So now I must keep my hand out of the cookie jar! 😉

Baking is a gift that gives. And I relish seeing my grandson enjoy what I mix up. I’ve also learned that sharing, especially around my neighborhood, can open doors that would never open otherwise. Unfortunately, there are times when life gets so busy and any form of outreach, such as handing out a plate of cookies, gets put on the back-burner (so to speak). A once vibrant ministry can die under the cover of busyness. The Lord has been reminding me how short our “dash” is and that now is the time to show His love and compassion, tomorrow may never come!

For He says,
Behold, now is “THE ACCEPTABLE TIME,” behold, now is “THE DAY OF SALVATION”— (2 Corinthians 6:2).

Autumn will come, the hot temperatures will pass, and what we do or don’t do will be elapsed; there’s no getting back yesterday! “BEHOLD! NOW is the acceptable time!

What have you allowed to lapse?

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