“Every BODY Matters” (Extended week of no dairy no sugar)

22154468_10210392290229523_3325240055683054646_nMy blog posts entitled, “Person-Driven Life” & “What’s All the Fuss?”, of my “no diary, no sugar fast” for the month of September, brings into perspective the “why” behind the denial of these tasty food groups. Can you call sweets a food group? Clearly, it was added to my pyramid long ago! Since I decided to continue the fast through the first week of October, I have two more days to go! On October 8, fittingly my birthday, I will enjoy a dairy and sugar celebration. Hopefully, not to excess! 😉

As I mention in, “What’s All the Fuss?”, I need to change the way I do food in general (sweets especially), not just for the month of September. And reading Gary Thomas’s book, Every BODY Matters: Strengthening Your Body to Strengthen Your Soul, I’ve been encouraged to set some specific guidelines that will aid me throughout the day.

Let me share some wise quotes from his book that really helped me in the way I view my addictions:

“. . . I go to war against gluttony and indulgence, not because I want God to love me more, but because God, who already loves me perfectly, warns me that gluttony and excess are my enemies [Proverbs 23:19-21; Proverbs 23:2; Proverbs 25:27 (a verse just for me); Proverbs 28:7; 1 Corinthians 10:31] – regardless of how good they may sometimes feel. I go to war against gluttony, not to build a body that others admire, but to maintain a soul ‘prepared to do any good work’ that God can use to bless others. I go to war against gluttony because those who have walked closely with God warn me that overeating dulls me to God’s . . . presence, makes me more vulnerable to other sins, negatively affects my relationships with other people, and robs me of the joy rightfully mine as an adopted, deeply loved, and accepted child of God.”

So spiritually speaking, food can become our god! Gary Thomas asserts:

“. . . The challenge we face plays directly into our sin nature, which is naturally disposed toward comfort and ease and naturally inclined against sacrifice or denial of any kind.”

Also, in my “What’s All the Fuss?” blog post, I explained how eye opening it was when I wrote down everything I put in my mouth for a day. And not unexpectedly, I read, “. . . some studies have shown that snacking is the downfall of many Americans” (Gary Thomas).

How often do you think about food throughout the day? Do you find its just around mealtimes or the entire day?

Food is a gift from God to be enjoyed, but not to take the place He rightfully should possess. We need to be a people that go to “War” against anything that takes God’s place in our lives. Are you armed for battle?



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