No Time Like The Present

“Time is the least thing we have of”

this quote by Ernest Hemingway caught my attention~ But thankfully, Charles Swindoll argues that we have more time than we realize “once we get our priority ducks in a row” (Day by Day with Charles Swindoll).

Joe Stowell outlines how we can “[Embrace] The Virtues of The King” by making this observation:

Embracing the reality of the world to come radically alters everything in this world. Our values are prioritized and purified. . . .

If anyone should express the reality of eternity, it’s those of us who have been guaranteed safe passage to the other side through Christ, our divine passport. Yet interestingly, we who are marked with heaven in our hearts usually live as though it were real but irrelevant. We are consumed with the tyranny of the temporal, and we trade both the character and power of a life with an eternal focus for the ordinary.

Kingdom Living, Part 1, The Discovery Series

Having had the privilege of viewing a “life-sized” replica of Noah’s Ark in Kentucky, it makes me thankful for my divine passport while praying to have all my priority ducks in a row so as to make the most of my time here on earth where time does run out!

When you think about it, many people thought Noah was wasting “his time,” approximately 120 years of it, building that enormous boat. But we all know how that turned out; it was a life-saving pursuit! And, during the whole time it took him to build the Ark, he was preaching and inviting others to join him and his family (and the animals) on the Ark with an eternal focus. He really had a lot of time because he used it wisely. Noah made “much” of his time. He obeyed everything the Lord instructed him to do and he is now enjoying eternity with His God where time never runs out!

How can you better prioritize your time for a new year?

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