International Women’s Day!

Yesterday was International Women’s Day! Did you shout your womanhood? I think the greatest appointment is being a woman and should be taken very seriously! As a wife and mother, we’ve been given a tremendous assignment as the helper & supporter of our husbands and the teacher & discipler of our children while building a home of security. 

One of my greatest struggles is doing things in which I feel little confidence. Driving a car is one such struggle. I feel very inadequate and would prefer not to drive.  This was exasperated with the second car my husband & I purchased. It was a four-speed stick-shift Plymouth Horizon…. I sure felt insecure… but God provided security…

The challenges continued… When my children were in the home and I had to drive long distances to bring them somewhere or pick them up, or visit them when they went away to college, the challenge could overwhelm me. One such trip I made was driving all three children from Kansas to Louisiana, a 13-hour driving day, to visit their grandparents. It was overwhelming when I almost ran off the road missing the sharp curved ramp. But I believe God averted disaster by building a wall of security and bringing our vehicle to a stop. I sure felt insecure… but God provided security…

Even to this day, driving is something I do not feel qualified to do, and it certainly was something I didn’t want to do or even be responsible for, but this was something that I needed to do for my children.

Finances can also challenge my security. I have dozens of Ebenezer stones in which I remember the Lord’s faithfulness in seeing us through a hard spot. But one of the most difficult times was a three-month period in-between ministries waiting for an open door.  As we sat near the “Brook Cherith,” waiting for the Lord to provide income, our security was tested. It wasn’t easy to wait on the Lord but as we found refuge in the safe keeping of His Will, we found security.   

Life is about doing the hard thing in the strength of the Lord: Forgiving someone a terrible wrong they have committed (Matthew 6:14-15; Colossians 3:13; Ephesians 4:31-32; Matthew 18:21-22), dying daily to self (1 Corinthians 15:31), putting the needs of our spouse or children ahead of our own (Philippians 2:3-7 – whether it is for a season, or a lifetime), teaching our daughters to be women of integrity, modeling the character we are teaching, or building a home of security, (Titus 2:3-5,11-15; 2 Timothy 2:15), etc.

I believe the greatest gift we can give our families is a home of security. Understand when I say security, I’m not talking about financial security, I’m not even talking about physical security. I’m talking about emotional and spiritual security. This is the kind of security that is built into a child as they watch mom and dad operate the way God intended. God created the family with a Mom for nurturing and a dad for leading with a servant’s attitude. There is no way around those all-important roles for building inner security into our children. As a woman, our most important responsibility is building blocks of security around the emotional and spiritual health of our children and our home. Your child’s inner-self needs the security of a nurturing mom.

International Women’s Day should be a day that causes women to reflect on the all-important role they are given! We, as women, are given a tremendous appointment as the helper & supporter of our husbands and the teacher & discipler of our children.

How was your international Women’s Day invested?

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