The “Scarlett” Letter, Part 1

On October 28, 1980, I received the letter. It was folded several times and pinned to the bulletin board hanging outside my dorm room. I quickly noticed it had been written at 3 in the morning because not only was the date scribbled down but also the time of writing. The writer actually jotted out “Good Morning” like this was going to be a lovely day!

He then proceeds to tell me what he had been studying at such ungodly hours of the night: Greek and Anthropology!

But then he lowers the boom! “I would sincerely like to continue in our friendship BUT . . .” There it was! That three-letter word which can make your stomach sick! After reading further, the “But” didn’t bother me anymore, it was the rest of the letter, especially the part that said: “I have to be honest with you in that I don’t foresee us as having a long-lasting in-debt relationship BUT (another but, this one I liked 😉) I am open to whatever God’s will is.”

When we are open to “whatever God’s will is,” anything can happen! 😉 It happened for me!


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