Lessons Learned

In my younger years, I certainly didn’t give it a thought concerning the amount of sugar I consumed, daily. Struggling with aches and pains was very common. The leg pain that was so uncomfortable through the day, tormented my nights. In addition, migraines came calling quite frequently. I lived on acetaminophen and ibuprofen, as well as prescription drugs from time to time. Drinking water was hard, and it felt sickening if I had to drink a glass first thing in the morning. Breakfast wasn’t appealing unless it was a slice of pie or a donut. Obviously, my physical fitness was just mediocre. So, it’s not surprising that mood swings and a lack of energy were the norm for my childbearing years.

But that all changed in my 40’s when I began taking thyroid medicine. Water became a requirement. I had to drink a full glass first thing each morning with my pill. And remarkably, my body welcomed the changes. A major lifestyle transformation began as I followed advice from “100 Days of Real Food” and “Food Babe” through Facebook. Reading nutrition labels on groceries is now routine and staying away from processed foods a must. Eating organic when possible is also key. Just to be clear, there are times when this isn’t followed perfectly, especially when eating out, so that makes me try even harder in the home. Drinking water at every meal, in-between meals, and as much as I can hold, proves to cleanse the body of all kinds of impurities. Doctor after doctor has reinforced that bit of knowledge. The stories my son relayed from his basic training experience also provided perspective on the value of drinking water.

After my herniated discs in 2015, I learned first-hand how important physical fitness was to my overall health. The recovery through physical therapy and a super supportive husband got me back on track, while routine workouts in a gym reinforced the healing process.

All this “doing” can become a distraction if my heart attitude isn’t aligned with the heart of God. John MacArthur says, “It is a danger, even for people who love Christ, that we not become so concerned with doing things for Him that we begin to neglect hearing Him and remembering what He has done for us.” This month, as I fast from things I love, I’m listening to Him and remembering what He has done for me and worshiping my Savior and King.

“… but only a few things are necessary, really only one, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.”

Luke 10:42, NASB

Can you hear Him?

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