Fixing My Thoughts!

Circumstances turn out for the greater good?

I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world” (John 16:33, NLT).

From the recent trials of Rodney’s accident to the struggle to regain health from one of my worst sinus infections, we took some time to catch up on chiropractor appointments and much needed rest. While reminiscing on past struggles like Christmas Eve night, 2018: when heading downstairs my foot slipped and I rode the stairs down like Kevin from Home Alone, But Kevin had a sled and I did not! Hitting step after step, cries of anguish were loud enough to wake my sleeping husband! We were due to leave for the Creation Museum and The Ark Encounter with my brother and family two days later. I feared I would be missing the trip. With A dark shade of purple covering my backside, but nothing broken, I was able to go.

Another one of my accidents filled with talent happened in December 2009. We moved to a townhouse in Hope Mills, NC. And while out walking around our neighborhood, I tripped on a twig and fell. The force of the fall caused such trauma I passed out, staying in bed for a couple of days. We found out later I suffered a concussion.

Of course, 2015, was my herniated discs which led me to become part of the blogging world on Just a couple months earlier, I had said goodbye to a wonderful teacher and friend who had battled cancer, and then a few weeks later received the phone call no one ever wants to get: my father had died.

God’s love is not limited to my circumstances . . .

Quite honestly, for many years I relied on my circumstances to determine God’s love for me personally, never connecting the dots that in this world I will have tribulation. Because after all, when you think God has a wonderful plan for your life, surely it doesn’t include suffering?!

Somehow, we seem to avoid those passages and look for the ones that make us healthy and prosperous. We look for the easy passages of Scripture, and not the ones that tell us to love our enemies or pray for those who persecute us. The book of Philippians commands us not to be conceited but humbly put others first and view their interests as more important than our own (2:3-4). The wise sayings in the book of Proverbs teaches the foolishness of relying on man’s wisdom. And Proverbs 3:5 reminds me not to lean on my own understanding! There’s so much I will never be capable of understanding, and my finite mind can’t even manage to wrap around the fact that God has always existed and never had a beginning, or even the magnitude of our universe and the fact of more galaxies besides. What about, God is exceedingly bigger than all His creation? “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:8), “And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts . . .” (Philippians 4:8). Why would I ever think my narrow mind could understand the thoughts of God?!

“Now I want you to know, brethren, that my circumstances have turned out for the greater progress of the gospel” (Philippians 1:12).

The Apostle Paul knew without a doubt that our circumstances are avenues to see God work for His glory! Who can you come along side and provide encouragement that will strengthen a weary pilgrim to faithfully continue with the assurance that circumstances turn out for the greater good?

“All the way my Savior leads me; What have I to ask beside? Can I doubt His tender mercy, Who through life has been my guide? Heav’nly peace, divinest comfort, Here by faith in Him to dwell! For I know whate’er befall me, Jesus doeth all things well.”

–All the Way My Savior Leads Me, 1875, by Fanny Crosby

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